Stuck in thinking

How tempting it is to push a pill into something and then think everything will get better on its own. Something that works incredibly well. For decades, in fact. We don't feel well, are stuck in our minds, don't know where to search and then we reach for a medicine or treatment that will make us feel better again. We then completely organise the care of ourselves away from us.


But the joke in all this is that we almost never go back to the cause. HOW did this actually happen? WHY do I feel uncomfortable and stuck in my thoughts? WHAT happened in my life WHY am I not moving forward now? WHO may also have played a role in this and WHICH may be related and since WHEN has this actually been the case?


Measuring is knowing. The seven golden W's applied to all projects and issues but when it comes to ourselves, we seem to have totally forgotten this. Nor is it really encouraged. Knowing that I am generalising with this, this is also really an underrated topic within healthcare. I have experienced it myself. Not only in the process surrounding my husband's cancer, but also with myself. How quickly you are medicalised in mainstream medicine, it is shocking as far as I am concerned.


I don't understand this. We have all been given access to a body which is unique and has its own complete manual on how best to function. And that manual, we don't even know it. We don't even know how we should maintain it properly, what fuel fits in and what doesn't and we really only know the side we think we are on with our minds. What goes on in our bodies, we need others for that (we think).


I can occasionally marvel at how stuck we have all become in this system and pattern. Engaged in everything that can be conceived with our intellect and mind. But the real connection with our body, what is happening, why it is showing certain symptoms and how we listen to it, that has really been totally gone for years. And no matter whether you're in mainstream medicine or complementary medicine, it's always about organising away from the symptoms and not delving into the reasons and causes. Maybe the body just wants to tell us that we need to take a little better care of it. That it wants to feel seen for its uniqueness and doesn't want to be boxed in. With treatment that applies to everyone and is generalised.


I am happy to have a body that tells me what it needs and to have been given the manual. I now understand much better how to take care of it and that I am not in control in this myself. Control is something that is an issue for me that I am learning to deal with. It is not always easy, because the mind and the intellect are strong. The temptation to fall back into old patterns is strong. But the reward you get when you learn to listen better to your body's signals and know how to interpret them is priceless. It just takes courage and guts to trust it. And who has no such thing?


Would you also like to learn what your body's manual looks like and what you can get out of it for yourself? Do you dare? You are welcome. I'd love to take a peek with you. But just know, once you have taken this step once, there is no going back ( more than that, you really don't want to).