"Mary provided a comprehensive Business Analysis for our agency based on Human Design.  
She gave us insight into "where it leaks and where it succeeds" when it comes to our company and our collaborative efforts. She also gave us insight into what each of us can bring specifically from our own natural energy and strength. In addition, she gave us insight into how our mutual dynamics work, and insight and advice on what can work complementary in growing our business.  It was recognizable, fascinating, surprising, touching and valuable! We notice in the days after the Business Analysis that we talk about it regularly, with each other but also at home, it provides discussion threads and language to discuss it. Seriously and also with humor.  We really enjoyed Mary's explanation, guidance and advice at our session. In a pleasant atmosphere and with open communication and focus on strength and energy, a lot was discussed that we can move forward with!"



"About the analysis and the interview I have only compliments. Both content and form are top notch. You set it up super; your website, your agenda, the conversation, the recording, your design, the clarity of your services, the report, I experience it as very professional, consistent and carefully set up.
I am about to listen to our conversation, but one message has stayed with me the most: you are not here to prove anything, but to get to know the other person. By the way, also that for me the space/environment is an important advisor for the people I meet in it. Those are some fine insights!"




"Mary is almost a walking encyclopedia when it comes to Human Design. She has an appropriate answer for every question and translates the theory of Human Design at breakneck speed to every situation. Especially clever and fascinating!"




"Thank you again for the coaching and insights and also documents and tips afterwards!
It helped me a lot, hanging above it for a while and again I have good tools to 'experiment' and live and work more from my own blueprint. Thank you!"



Officer Royal Dutch Air Force


"I recently had the opportunity to have a comprehensive holistic analysis of my HD chart done by Mary. What a special session and what a special woman. You can feel the passion Marieke has for Human Design in the way she works. With integrity and great respect for Human Design. Her analysis is honest and complete. She knows how to give the information back to you verbally in a very refined and understandable way. Having received the written analysis prior to the interview, I was able to absorb the information properly, which allowed for more depth during the interview. After the written analysis I had many additional questions, which Mary carefully addressed during the interview. I am very grateful to Mary for her time, energy and most of all her purity and passion in what she does and stands for. Great insights that can be translated and applied practically. Incredibly valuable, on to a life closer to Self!"