The Journey to Yourself is Infinite


An introduction to Human Design

There is only one person who in just over 15 minutes can make it so obvious what Human Design is and where it comes from. So I want to honor in this place the (as he says himself) first student of this wonderful system and give him all the credit he deserves. His legacy is invaluable to anyone interested in living a life like oneself.


" If you allow someone to be who they are and they allow you to be who you are, then that's Love. Anything else is torture"


~Ra Uru Hu~

Human Design, the science of differentiation


Human Design is a Logical system that explains how we were coded at birth. In the image to the right, you can see a representation of the BodyGraph. In this case, my BodyGraph. This is the map of the genetic code that shows how you should use your energy in the right way. In the way it is meant for you.


Throughout our lives we are imprinted and conditioned by other people, experiences and environments, often traveling away from our intrinsic way of being (our Truth). Human Design helps to bring us back to our natural and aligned selves so that we can experience greater success, abundance, joy, love, peace and satisfaction. 

Within Human Design, four ancient esoteric systems and modern science come together. The Chinese I'Ching with its 64 hexagrams and Gates, the Tree of Life of the Kaballah with its 36 Channels, Western Astrology with its 12 constellations and 13 planets, the Hindu Brahmin Chakra system with its 9 Centers and quantum science.


What appeals to me in this synthesis is that in addition to being incredibly accurate, it does not talk about 'this is true', but invites you to experiment with it. An exploration of the roadmap of your life. For me, it's an incredibly valuable way to explore each day why I react the way I do and then how I can deal with that and what it means to me. You don't master it in a moment. It requires real commitment to the desire to investiGate yourself and to be open and honest about what you see, feel, hear, taste and smell. Because that's how far it extends.


Ra Uru Hu told his students that the experiment takes at least 7 years before you have really deconditioned all the layers in your own system. I am now for years into my experiment and only just beginning in that sense. But from the moment I looked up my own BodyGraph I have been captured by it. And I would grant it to anyone to delve into it for that reason alone, because it makes so much clear. The complement that we as humans on this earth can be to each other. If we were all more aware of this, the world would be so much more beautiful. For that reason alone, I feel the drive to share and spread this. We are here to complement each other. Not to comment or judge each other. Isn't it just super cool to know that this is possible? It gives hope and confidence and we need this more than ever in the times we live in now. 


My own research

Good example leads the way is often said. And I agree with this. So that means that as a coach myself, I also entered the experiment and started living my own design. I have described my journey in the Backgrounds that you can find on this website. This gives you an insight into who you will be dealing with and what I may or may not be able to offer as a coach. In my role as a Heretic/Investigator, it is important to me that I have my foundation and my knowledge of Human Design in order before I can share it with others or guide others. The energy I have put into that I share with you, as a source of inspiration, but also as an underlay for your choice to want to work with me.


My background

In addition to my own research and experimentation, I have a solid business background. I have worked as an executive my entire working life. In government agencies and in health care, in different places and different positions. What gave me the most energy in this work was always coaching and guiding people. Giving Respect, Attention and Appreciation to each other. There lies my strength, my passion and also my drive. If you want to know more about me, please contact me or take a look at About Me. 


It can also bring you a lot in business terms

The Human Design System can show you in which environment you can come into being most profoundly. And that is not only nice to know privately, but also for business, in your work life or in your student life, this is valuable information. The vocabulary in the business world is more to the point and may appeal more to the imagination when it comes to making it practical. But in both cases, the Human Design System provides a mechanical representation of how energy flows. Nothing wishy washy about it, it is as it is.

The insights are holistic in nature, so they are not only about all the parts in yourself, but also about the parts in yourself in relation to others. On the business page of my site you can find more information about this.