About Me


All my life I have been interested in what moves people in life. Not only from others, but also for myself I have invested a lot in personal development and getting to know myself. I use my senses and my intuition and learn from people around me. And I've done various personal development programs on many levels. Not only through learning courses or training, but especially through observing people, listening to podcasts, reading books or interesting websites and blogs and especially in contact and connection with other people.


In  2020, I was introduced to Human Design. Human Design is a logical system that explains how we are coded at birth. Human Design has given me insight into many life questions I had that I couldn't quite make sense of. It has shown me what energy I have been imprinted with and how to use it in the right way. Throughout our lives we are imprinted by other people, experiences and environments, often traveling away from our intrinsic way of being (our Truth). Human Design has helped bring me back to my natural, aligned self. And I wish that for every human being. Because when you are natural and aligned, then you can experience more success, abundance, joy, love, peace and satisfaction. And that is actually the highest goal you can achieve in your life. Love for yourself and for others around you. 


Human Design has taught me that I have an enormous amount of energy. An inexhaustible amount. And when I put that energy into what makes me happy, what I enjoy and feel fulfillment in, then I do what I need to do. And I'm very happy to share that with you. I am a student of life, did a Mastermind Human Design, still study the original works and lectures of Ra Uru Hu every day, and gain new knowledge day in and day out by experiencing and experimenting with my own design. I use my intuition, my inner knowing, my senses and my life experience and knowledge to guide you through the big questions of life: who am I, what am I here to do and how can I best express that from being the person I am.



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