Products and Services

Human Design BodyGraph Analysis (Standard Intake).

This is the start/intake of our journey in your Design. During this intake I give you a comprehensive analysis of your own BodyGraph. I will give you what you are excelling at and what you have to offer, but also what you are conditioned in and therefore not-self. We will have a beautiful and intensive conversation in which I will give you a lot of information, in which you will be amazed by the accuracy of it. Although it is the first analysis that only touches the surface, you can start working with it right away. 


This conversation takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and we'll do it online. The reason I work with the intake online is because I want to avoid influencing you through my aura and Design. This way you receive from me a pure and honest analysis that is really about you and nothing else. You will receive a recording of our conversation within 48 hours in your mail, so you can review and/or listen to everything in peace. This free quotation is tailored to your specific question and what you would like to work on.

Human Design Family Analysis

In the Family Analysis I look at how the family members interact in the Penta (the energy of a group of 3, 4 or 5 people together). In doing so, I work out the Design of all family members in advance and in the conversation we look at the influence within the family. I also share where the areas of discomfort are and how parents can properly guide their children in parenting according their Design. If you are looking for a loving, respectful family relationship, this is an absolute must-do. The insights offer the opportunity to create peace and space within the family.

Student Coaching

As a student, you face big choices. If you know your Design, it can help you tremendously to make choices from your inner Self that will give you unimaginable ease and pleasure later in your working life. In this coaching we not only look at your Design, but also at how you as a student can best express yourself in a working life. Whether you have a great Design for a start-up or a small business, or whether, on the contrary, you will flourish much more in a large company. Or that you can thrive on your own as an entrepreneur or self-employed person. Naturally, we also look at your strengths and what gives you energy (and what doesn't). For me, there is no difference in level of education. I work with people. Not with positions or functions.

Burnout coaching

As an expert by experience, I guide you through a very complicated moment in your life. Human Design provides tools to see where things went wrong before and I can help you learn to see it that way. For me, Human Design gave me the puzzle pieces and all I had to do was put them together to come back stronger than ever. I am here to give the practical handouts that you can move forward with. These are not about the surface, because you really go into the layer of depth. But that depth is necessary to really see where your pitfalls are. This coaching is always 1-on-1 and, of course, it can take place live as well as online if desired.

Career coaching

Are you stuck in your work? Would you like to do something else? But don't know where or how to start? Then the analysis of your blueprint is a very valuable first step. Going deeper into the Design provides even more insights that can help you see if you've ever had the work that was right for you, or if you've accepted it in the assumption that this is “normal". In career counseling, we don't look at jobs or what types of work are out there, we look at what YOU would like and what is and is not appropriate. Our Design has given us all a direction in our lives and work is a big part of that. I can guide you in providing direction. In doing so, you will discover that direction yourself. I coach and guide, I do not steer. But look at the roadmap you have been given and can be your guide in the choice you ultimately always make yourself. 


In the introductory meeting I will explain what Human Design can mean for you as an individual, in the management team, for your employees and/or for your company or organization. I listen to your story or the story of your company or organization and like to think along with you. From experience I know that we quickly get to the heart of the matter. On this basis I am able to give unique, appropriate and customized advice. This introductory meeting is free of charge because I understand very well that you want to know who you are dealing with and if it clicks and matches. I like to do my work carefully and well and for that it is important that we can match each other's expectations properly. 


The business offer is diverse and below is an overview that can function as a guide. In the introductory meeting, however, we can consider together what the question is and whether there may be additional requirements. 

Work profile analysis

The standard intake for a work profile takes 1.5 to 2 hours. This is an introductory interview in which I use this time, in addition to the analysis, to listen carefully to your needs. in principle, the business offer occurs live (unless there is a desire to do this online). After the introductory meeting, I will come up with a proposal for an appropriate package of services and products within 48 hours.

Manager/Leader Coaching/Guidance

1. Comprehensive personal analysis 1.5 to 2 hours (standard intake/acquaintance).

2. Counseling specifically tailored to the individual and discussion to fine-tune the consultation.

3. Coaching during 1 month with 6 contact hours.

Management team analysis

1. Comprehensive intake with Management Team 1.5 to 2 hours (standard intake/acquaintance).

2. Extensive intake with MT (half day).

3. Coaching during 2 months with 4 half-day sessions.

Team analysis Business Group

1. Comprehensive intake with team representative (1,5 to 2 hours).

2. Insights into GAPS (where it succeeds and where it leaks).

3. Customized coaching, recruitment and empowerment.

Burnout coaching

1. Comprehensive personal analysis 1.5 to 2 hours (standard intake).

2. Counseling specifically tailored to the individual and discuss for finetuning.

3. Coaching during 1 month with 6 contact hours.

Career guidance

1. Extensive personal analysis 1.5 to 2 hours (standard intake).

2. Discussion of recommendations specifically tailored to the person in question for the purpose of fine-tuning.

3. Coaching during 1 month with 6 contact hours.