Oneness by design

When I look at my BodyGraph and all that I have learned so far, it is obvious that all the gates, channels and defined centers are interacting to either complement or enhance each other. I feel that I have this design because I am here to show communities how it can be done differently. And that the fact that Human Design has come my way is the only way I can make this clear.


My Profile gives me the opportunity to do that, because first and foremost the 5/1 has the ability to lay the foundation down on what she sees. Does research on facts and does so carefully. And the 1, as a researcher, is also born to teach what she has researched. But cannot do this without the 5 who in this is not afraid to step out or forward when it is exciting. Because in exciting times, the 5 is the one who has the resolving power. Can be the savior. With a message. A message that does not concern the individual alone, but one that affects the whole community. And because the 5 works transpersonal it can also reach large communities. They do not have to be their friends, they can be people who are open to transformation but also people who are stuck in a story they have told themselves.


To be able to achieve this and influence the right people who are up to it, the open G-centre and the attraction of the Monopole is necessary where various people with various backgrounds are attracted. Because with my completely open G-centre I am not for 1 kind of person. The 5 ensures that when I listen carefully to the question of people who come my way, I can choose whether or not I can and want to embrace that question. And because I want to continue to feel freedom in this, my undefined Head and Root centers are essential. When I can tap into various sources of inspiration for the big social issues and I do not feel any mental pressure to solve them all, and I make sure that I have the patience to step into my divine timing while listening to my Solar Plexus and my gate 5, then a powerful message will come out that matters.


My defined Throat center knows when to speak or not to speak. When I respond to the external signals that come to me I know, trusting on my defined Spleen center and thus strong intuition I know when to act. I also know that I will always have enough energy for this because my Sacral Center is defined and I can use the channel of charisma to reach out to several people without having to do much. After all, I am always seen and noticed. My enveloping aura ensures that people see me when the moment is there to be seen. When the attraction is there to be seen. I touch people through my enthusiasm which I unconsciously always bring.


When I look at the Lines in my design, I see that most of them are a 5th Line. I am expected to solve problems. That I teach and that I only teach when I have laid a good foundation and researched well what I want to convey. In that, I am already seen as a role model and it shows in the many gates that have a 6th Line. That I am allowed to assert my voice is supported by both Line 1 and Line 5. And that I share my own experiences in this is reflected in my circuitry. There is a lot of logical sharing in my design. So being silent is not an option. But speaking up at the moment that is in response. And not on my own initiative and at the moment I think it is right.


There again my open Head and undefined Ajna help, because I have no consistent story. I speak the story that feels right in my intuition at that moment. And then it comes out with power. I'm here to show that even though you have a lot of energy and you look strong and confident, the outside doesn't always match the inside. That vulnerability and feeling are essential because when you don't allow this to happen the energy you have can really leak out into something that burns you up.


I am here to show and experience for myself that every human being is unique, that we are not comparable to each other and that therefore we can complement each other and appreciate each other's uniqueness. That money is not everything and that happiness is in other things than what we have all accumulated so far. That it is important to see and love yourself first before you can love others. Because when you love yourself, you find yourself worthwhile, you can look at the other without judgment and they will find in you a mirror that will return this self-love and self-worth.


My open Centers allow me to remain open minded and free from any pressure whatsoever. And my defined Solar Plexus teaches me that every moment is good, when it is good for the moment it should be good. It teaches me that life comes to you. In the form that is meant for you. Whether you want it to or not. And that any form of control arises and originates in not-self and conditioning. But that it's not right or wrong, but that awareness of it and exploring within yourself what value it has for you when you don't personalize it makes it whole.


I am designed as I am designed to be able to experience and express what it is like to be one. As a human being, as part of the earth, as part of the universe, as a puzzle piece in a great puzzle of oneness.