Perhaps you've seen or heard this question pass by. Maybe even in your own head or in a conversation you've had. What matters is not the question itself or its content. It is the message behind it. Basically, what is being said here is, "Find out who you are and what you are here to do." For over 70% of our population, this is a question that can change their lives. For the other 30%, it can be something they use to change the lives of others and therefore their own. It causes you to raise your consciousness and thus to form your own reality. That you know why you have certain questions in life, why certain things keep coming your way and that you experience why people react to you the way they do. Not from your mind and your influence by your intellect, but by becoming aware of your own life force and energy field in relation to yourself and others around you.



Every Type has its own 'life task' to fulfill. And this life task you fulfill correctly as yourself when you follow your Strategy and your Inner Authority. Your Openness in your Design shows you where you risk letting your Head (Mind) run your life and interfere. Your Definition shows you what is the path for you to walk on as your unique Self. And if you do, if you live correctly, then there is the following life assignment per Type.

Type Mission in life
The Generator (and Manifesting Generator) Know Yourself
The Projector Know the Other
The Reflector Know your Environment
The Manifestor Have Impact


When you start living correctly as yourself, you are taken out of the choice game of 'the Mind'. The choice game that the Mind plays with you puts you under the illusion that you have a choice in this life. This is also often said in our conditioned society: "You always have a choice". Within Human Design and discovering your inner Authority and the way you make decisions as yourself gives you no choice. You have no choice but to live as yourself. And that is always the best choice. Because that is how you were born and how you are allowed to be here. Making decisions as yourself allows you to love yourself free of judgment and unconditionally. And when you love yourself, there is room for the other. If you live correctly and make decisions as yourself then it is no longer a question of having to know or explain exactly how you came to the decision and how exactly that works. There is only one answer and that is the answer of your inner Authority. And it has no reason, no justification, no explanation. If you love yourself then you don't need that either. And with that you automatically come into the situation that you don't demand this (anymore) from the other. 


So No Choice seems to be a contradiction that you are caught in the helplessness of life. However, the point is that you are no longer trapped in your Head and in the illusion of life, but free in yourself. You have no choice but to be yourself. A free being. As a flesh and blood human being, with light and shadow sides. Because we all have those. But when you love yourself, you love everything in yourself. Judgment disappears into the background. And that has a healing and liberating effect. 


The magic of the Human Design System is that it is an instrument, a tool, with which you can start experimenting YOURSELF. You don't have to believe anyone, including me when you start working with me. You just have to try it out and see if it works for you. Experimenting also means that you don't have to be the best at this, that you are allowed to fall down and get up, that you are allowed to be completely done with it for a while and completely put it aside. An experiment is an experiment. But sometimes it is nice to have someone in such an experiment who can follow you. Someone you can fall back on from time to time and who you can experiment with. Who you can share your experiences with, who you can ask for advice, or who can function as a sounding board. That is what a coach does. And that is also what I can offer.

I can guide you in your experiment. I can NOT answer your life question. Only you can do that yourself. But I can help you to make your life questions more concrete. I can support you when you are stuck in something. 


I live my experiment myself. That means that I know very well what influence my Design has on the person I am going to work with. That's why I work with an intake or an informal conversation where we speak and see each other and can mutually feel if we are a match. We are here as people to complement each other. And from that entrance and that principle I want to do my work. That also means that I don't offer an all-round package of coaching. I offer coaching that fits the question at hand and your Design. It doesn't matter how old you are, where you come from, what your background is and what question you have. I do not work with target groups. I work with people and with their energy. And therein lies the form of the coaching.


If this appeals to you or you feel an inner "YES", please Contact me for an appointment. If you want to know what you can expect, look at Products and Services. 


I am looking forward to meeting you.