In a February 25, 2016 New York Times article, the Google company detailed the lessons they had learned from a study on how to assemble the perfect team. The essence of this long-read is that the outcome of Project Aristotle's research had the following "obvious" conclusion:

In our hearts, we all know this. Safety, security, being allowed to be who you are both at home and at work.... They have become a kind of open doors. The point is that these open doors often remain closed because we do not have the real key. And that's because (including in this article) there's often only one point of view being looked at. Even with all the data and the three years of research Google has done in this, only what can be explained from the Mind comes out. And if you have looked at my Backgrounds, this is exactly not the place where we can find the key....

The real key is found in the mechanics of our auras, our energy fields. We are all born different. But with the purpose of complementing each other. And that is only possible when we are ourselves. And when people operate in a group, an entirely new energy field is created. Within Human Design this energy field is called the Penta. And that energy field has tremendous power and influence over the individuals who are within that energy field.

Team members may behave in certain ways as individuals, but when they come together, the norms of the group usually dominate individual behavior and encourage conformity to the team. Successful teams shared a team climate characterized by interpersonal trust and mutual respect, in which people feel comfortable being themselves. In fact, this is the team dynamic, the auric energy field that we cannot see but which plays an incredibly large role in whether or not we can be (materially) successful as a team. It all sounds pretty plausible....

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