Open mind

For me, life is mostly an interesting play where I can enjoy the different scenes that take place as an observer. The play "Life in Conditioning" shows me, as a passionate observer, what versions of people there are and especially how they behave. In some scenes, I get so caught up in the story that I tend to interfere and pretend that I have some kind of control over it. Those are the most dangerous scenes, because in those moments my open mind takes on the role of director. In other words, there's something in me that's uninvited, that I want to use to adjust or improve the play. Usually it is because I feel that something is unimaginably wrong in that particular scene. Or that there is a portrayal of a character that does not deserve the Golden Globe, but rather the Razzie Award. Especially when such a scene publicly reveals someone's opinion or insight about someone else. Often these are "well-known or famous people" who, in one way or another, have been involved in something about which all sorts of things are being said and/or thought.


The moment my open mind is triggered, I go into action mode. In my case this means looking up the design of such a person. The birth details of many famous or well known people are easy to find via the search engine, so it is often not that complicated. When I see someone's design, I can immediately take on the role of director. I can then react to a scene with a piece of text in which I can explain or illustrate everything that is said about this person from the way they are designed. Both in the form of the self (as that person really is) and in the form of the not-self (as that person is when influenced by others). In this action mode, I have already written a few sentences and suddenly realise that I am dealing with issues that do not matter to me at all. I also catch myself doing exactly what the protagonist in the scene of the play I am watching is doing!


I immediately stop everything I've been writing and analysing, take a deep breath in and out and think: Wow, that's how quickly you fall into the trap of not-self... Then I have to grin and lovingly give myself the space to put my energy back into things that matter.


Sometimes it seems like professional deformation. But when I look at someone's design, I can immediately purge myself of any prejudice or judgement. After all, everyone is unique and has their own programme to run on. Who am I to think anything of that programme?


Human Design gives me the insights and tools that allow me to stop forming (or wanting to form) an opinion or judgement so quickly. It allows one to go 'beyond forgiveness'. Because there is no shame or guilt. And so I can really look at myself and others with an open mind. For me that is the ultimate freedom. So in my coaching I can give people really honest and sincere advice or insights that are really about them and that they can experiment with. Very practical!