Karma Chameleon

A chameleon has the ability to adapt to its environment. The following is written on wiki about this:


"Chameleons are known for their ability to change color. Not only can they do this quite quickly but sometimes a complete color change takes place: from bright colors to dark colors to almost black. To effect the color change, the pigments in the skin are redistributed until the desired color is achieved. It was formerly thought that chameleons can adapt their colors to an environment that does not resemble their natural habitat but this is incorrect. The colors serve mainly to communicate".


How beautiful that is. By adapting to the environment you are better able to communicate with that environment. 


I am a chameleon myself. And now I actually dare to say that about myself with respect. For all my life I have been searching for my own identity. For something that sets me apart from others. In which I am unique and 'different'. In my adolescence and childhood years, I really went out of my way to be different from others. I grew up in a village (where you just had to go along with the rest) and I soon had a hard time with that. I didn't want to join in with the rest. With my best friend I would take the train to the city of Utrecht to pick up the most crazy outfits and matching shoes at Mac & Maggie, which we would then wear in the local disco without any embarrassment. Wonderful, nice and different from others!


What I didn't realize then was that this search for my own identity brought me nothing but a copy of others. Because yes, in my village I may have been different from others, but as soon as I went to the big city I was just that country girl, nothing special about it. And that in turn made me fall back into my search for, how can I be my unique, individual self? What do I have to do, what do I need?


Since I delved into Human Design and I now know what the roadmap of my life is, I know that I don't have to do anything at all. That I don't have to search for my own identity, or compare myself to others around me. After all, I am different from others anyway. Just like everyone is different from others. We all, every human being here on this beautiful earth, have our own roadmap, our own path and our own self. Very simple, but not easy. Because that Self, is very likely not always what you would like to be. And yet, that is what it is. Once you learn to see that your own road map brings you whatever feels most natural, whatever brings you a sense of satisfaction, peace, wonder or success, then you will know that you have been fooling yourself all these years.


I am a chameleon. Someone who has an identity of her own by feeling whether the place where she is is comfortable. If the place is correct, then the people in that place are correct as well. As a result, I can interact with all kinds of different people, put myself in their shoes and identify with them. I can literally step into someone else's shoes. I don't have my own identity, I have the identity of the day. And now that I can look at that with an open mind, I feel enriched. Because with this it is therefore possible, as long as I am in the right place for me, to be able to have a good conversation with anyone and actually connect. To communicate. And that is a core quality for my work as a coach and facilitator of people. 


If you would like to be introduced to the work of a chameleon, of someone who can really see you, regardless of age, gender, race, identity or whatsoever, send me a message or contact me. Then together we will make a world of DIFFERENCE.