If you take the time to allow situations or things to mature, to look at them from multiple angles, to let it linger for a while and then perceive and observe it again, you will notice that everything, but really everything has multiple sides. That every situation changes as time goes on, but that fixed things, objects, also change. Not so much because they change in form, but because the person who looks at it and observes it sees, hears, smells, tastes or feels a different form in it. 


Each person has their own unique perspective. And for that unique perspective, we have developed a language. With, at best, multiple words for that one perspective. But much more often, multiple words are not available. We have to deal with a generalized definition. One that must then also be immediately understood by everyone and to which you will then mold yourself.


One characteristic of people is their ability to adapt to new situations. I wrote about that before. And people are not so unique in that, because plants and animals adapt to new situations as well. In that respect we are not so different from our fellow inhabitants here on earth.


What does make people unique is the fact that they have an evolutionarily developed way of expressing themselves. By using their voice, they can let others know in words what they are thinking about something, what they consider about something, their view of the world, what they have an opinion about or just to have a nice chat. 


However, the question that often comes to my mind is whether we have actually made that much progress. I often notice that words and the use of words do not always bring us closer together. In fact, because of the urge to define, it often brings us further apart. We fall over each other's words on a daily basis. Because in it we want to challenge the generalized definition or because, on the contrary, we want to hold on to that generalized definition with all our power and strength.


The limitation of the word, of language, of definitions, of meanings, of expressions involved, can lead to a crisis. To a situation we get into because it is so tempting to let the word be leading and to stop putting energy on all the other signals we exchange with each other. We're not always open to that anymore. It's like we've kind of forgotten in that how to do that again. But it's still there.... It's still there. All we have to do is stand still for a moment, breathe in and feel where the word hooks. Where it sticks. To then be able to release it via exhalation.


We make life so complicated at times. But when you become aware of that, then you can also return to the simple. The simple thing that is life. With everything that goes with it.


"Grass is truth, Soil is simple, 

You only find truth in the simple, 

You only find grass growing in soil"

~ Dr. Erasier Brain ~