Climate Week

What timing, after all. Climate Week. It is late October and it feels like spring has just begun, that's how nice it feels outside. And yet it doesn't. It's a little odd when you still go outside in your T-shirt at the end of October. That doesn't "fit" because October and September have an R in the month, so with that comes a thick sweater, gloves and a woolly hat. At least, that's how I've been conditioned. What I notice is that more and more I feel that I am conditioned. I was never really aware of that. I think for a long time I was comfortable living with my head buried in the sand. I let myself be carried away by what I saw on the news, I could get incredibly agitated and I went along with it. Along with the masses. The easiest way to live your life. I thought...


Because I'm afraid I'm not like that at all. For I am totally not of the masses. It even gives me the creeps. And I am also not different in order to then be 'different' again together with a lot of others, because then you are just as well joining the masses. But then the mass of "otherness".


Some people fit super into the masses. Nor do I mean to say that the masses are wrong. That's not my point. But I have seen that the masses do not fit for ME.


No, I have opened my eyes. I have seen what I actually am and where I was not myself. And I have to say, there are times when I think, oh, how I would love to be with my head buried in the sand again from time to time. Indignant about anything and everything, just pretending that I'm sure that that which is incredibly important and that my role is to contribute to it. That the world will perish without me!!!


That thought process, that usually lasts a few seconds. Because I actually immediately feel the noose around my neck. The clenched throat, the oppressive and constriction of the Collective, of the Program of Homogenization, of not being able to be yourself.


No, it is not always easy to open your eyes. And it is certainly not easy to keep them open all the time. But it is the one thing that gives me satisfaction. Feeling the satisfaction of seeing, but not having to do anything. But waiting to be seen in that which you can mean to another as yourself. And in which therefore, as the greatest good, you also see yourself. Wow.


And what does this have to do with climate? Well as much as labeling a week in the year might mean something for climate. The only thing that helps is that a lot of people start opening their eyes to what they see. Then you don't have to have reminders anymore. Then you know what you have to do. Then you know what the other person can do and how you complement each other in that. Everyone has their own place in the chain of life. We may learn what our place is in it so that we can do exactly what is given to us. And not what is prescribed to us.


Open your eyes. And you will see.