Becoming aware on the train

On the train, I notice the effect of my open and enveloping aura. This is the aura (energy field) of a Generator. Everything comes in, there is no protection on it. I have a book with me in which I am reading, which was going fine until a man enters the compartment having what I consider an unimaginably privacy-sensitive conversation on his mobile phone. He discusses at length his financial situation, what he has to pay for everything and that he does not understand that DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) does not understand that withholding getting his driving license back will only cost him more money. 


I laid my book aside. Because even though I have a focused and strategic brain, the aura seems to be stronger. I focus on the incoming frequencies of the man's voice and I try not to interfere and yet it happens. Not really, in the sense that I address the man and say I do want to be a listener to his problems, but my thoughts are drawn to it. I notice my body getting resistance to it and I also become aware of a kind of relief when I see that he has to get out at the next station. 


Extraordinary experience. This is actually experiencing my individuality. Supported by an auditory sensitivity and where I could just surrender in that moment. Not working very hard to stay focused on my book, but just putting the book away and sensing the characteristics of my aura. Everything starts with aura. With the energetic energy field around me. And then the characteristics of my design are deployed. How beautifully everything is connected and how it interacts. 


The risk of looking at specific parts of your design (or BodyGraph) is that you draw conclusions from them that your Mind can then run with again. But it's not about the individual parts of your design. But about all the parts that connect and support or reinforce each other and make up who you are. 


The best thing about this experiment in Human Design and living my life as Self is that awareness alone sets something in motion when it comes to dropping inner resistance. Life really becomes more enjoyable because of it. Because the resistance is less. No irritation or annoyance, just being aware. 




If you also want insight into your design and how everything interacts from the whole and the way you are meant to live, then get in touch with me. Maybe I can do something for you.