AI (Another Interpretation)

Over the past few weeks, I have experienced how intensely special people's feelings are. Not only because I was in a situation of taking care of my husband at home and then saying a final goodbye together, but also in terms of the compassion and sharing of feelings by people I don't know personally but who gave me a loving heart via social media. I was incredibly touched by this and it made me realise that being HUMAN especially highlights those aspects that a machine can never replace. Namely, sharing feelings with each other. Something we humans do. With each other. And that is something we can hold on to if it is up to me.


A while ago, I wrote something about AI and the advance it is making. I wondered why that triggered me so much each time. What makes me not seem to understand this whole AI world or have an aversion to it myself? I wrote the following about it....


"It's all over the place. People who have experimented with artificial intelligence are "suddenly" appearing everywhere. You can explain it in two ways. Art-like as in that it is art but moderately executed. Or artificial and therefore not real. Both thereby say something about the word "intelligence" behind it. I feel resistance in my whole body to this new technology. Not because I am against progression. On the contrary, I am here to promote progression. To move from inexperience to experience and to be a Jack-of-all-trades in that process. The experience itself is what matters in that and not the expectation of it and the result. But when I talk about progression, it is about the "Human experiential way". And therein lies the catch. The way that describes human experience. And humans are by their very nature NOT artificial. Nor are they art-like because just look at how incredibly ingeniously our bodies are put together, how it all works exactly together and how psyche, mind and organ are painstakingly one. Not mediocre art, then. But high-quality, high-value, authentic art. Intelligence is not even a derivative of it, but part of it. No matter how "high or low" educated a person may be. That body is intelligent and everyone is given that. We have been given so much by mother nature. What makes us want to constantly try to tinker with it and replace it with something that is not real. With no heart and soul, which makes us even more tempted to compare ourselves to it, even though as human beings we cannot be compared, let alone compare ourselves to something artificial? Well. Maybe I'm old-fashioned if I don't get a good feeling about all these substitute things. Or maybe it's the years of life that draw me towards the past. I don't know. And the question is also whether I should worry about it at all. I have learned that my mind can be very busy with questions that don't matter to me. And in addition, I have learned that when such a question arises, I write it down so that my mind feels that it is "dealt with and doesn't need to think about it any more". So that's just what I do then. It ensures that whenever such headaches, questions and doubts wander around in my cranium, I can conclude it with great pleasure each time with the words: don't know, don't care. Blessed".


So now I know why it intrigued me so much and why my body was resistant to it. Because throughout the process surrounding my husband's illness and passing away, I felt and experienced that people are not art-like. But that we are art-excellent. As HUMANS. In connection with each other and with life.

Thank you for all the kind, supportive and compassionate messages. I have read, received and stored them all in my heart.
Love Marieke