In this newsletter, I share my thoughts with you. Sometimes from my own experience, sometimes reinforced by the knowledge I have gained around Human Design and how it works. I have different ways in which I shape my life. Sometimes I empower others, sometimes I support others and sometimes I share something with others. That is embedded in my design. And sharing stories or thoughts I like to do from the principle of Wildwriting. For me, wildwriting is a way for me to express my manifestation, the action I feel in my body and allowing my mind to watch what flows from my fingers. 

This way I can shape the mental pressure that my open head center presents to me every day AND the adrenaline stress that comes from my Root center in a way that suits me. And that gives me peace of mind and ensures that once I've written it down, I don't have to hold it in my head or my body any longer.

So for me, letting go in practice is turning my life force into creativity. And if as a reader you can take something from this, you are cordially invited to do so.