Published on 6 August 2022 at 03:14

The message of the senses

A little while ago I was walking in the woods with my best friend. We hadn't seen or spoken to each other in a while but that's never a problem with us because seeing each other immediately always feels like we saw and spoke to each other the day before. 

During this walk four animals came across our path. A deer crossed the forest path before our eyes, a hare jumped over the path into the forest a butterfly flew away from us and a woodpecker visibly presented itself on a tree next to us. I found the woodpecker particularly impressive because I always look for them when I hear them but usually they don't show themselves. 

Always when animals come my way that I perceive so consciously I look up the spiritual meaning of that particular animal. Because this time there were four of them in a walk, it is not only the meaning of the individual animal but also the meaning of the combination of those animals that make it a story. 

For me, this walk brought the following message:

You have the dignity, courage and determination to follow your soul's choice. Your intuition and senses help you to be guided by the gentle voice of the universe. You may embrace your femininity and sensuality and see the energy you attract as the intention you seek to develop and renew. The plateau you have arrived at, the phase between disruption and expansion, is meant to make you aware of the life cycle that returns time and time again. Life, death and resurrection. The immortality of your soul gives you the confidence to sense the natural seasons and trust in the proper timing. The magic of merging with the rhythms of nature and forming a whole from the parts. Wholesomeness.


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