The Human Design ABC

Published on 6 August 2022 at 03:04

Seeing the wood for the trees again.

The power of Human Design and knowing yourself is that you will see, feel, smell, hear and experience the enchantment that being Whole brings. We are all whole, we just sometimes pay too much attention to the parts so we can't see the wood for the trees....

Part A: Personality and Design

Living Your Design basically always comes to following your Strategy and honoring your (inner) Authority. But, in order to give more context to that, and thus to see the whole, we must first separate personality and design. There is a big difference between the red and the black part of the BodyGraph and I explain that in this section. I use my own BodyGraph for this purpose, which allows me to show how valuable this information can be and what you can do with it. 


The magic of Human Design (and what attracts me so much every day) is that it consists of two calculations: Design and Personality. This is special because it shows the imprinting of the complete person with not only their consciousness, but also their subconscious. The design calculation is the moment when the baby in the mother's womb becomes a fully functioning Rave (Rave = Human). In Christian terms, this is the moment when the "soul" enters the body. It is important to look at both of these parts separately before you can see them as a whole.

The image above shows my BodyGraph. The middle one is the quantum BodyGraph, the left one my design BodyGraph and the right one my personality BodyGraph. The large (in my case white) diamond in the middle is the G-Center. 

In Human Design we work with all kinds of elements like personality, design, strategy and (inner) authority, defined Centers and Channels. What brings everything together is the magnetic monopole, which is in the G Center. It is the larger context where all the elements come together to make a unique person. The magic of Human Design is also that it shows that there is only 1 basic rule that is present in your life. And this one is simply put, "You are not in control".

 As humans, we think we are in control, it is the personality that is convinced that we are, and we actually make countless decisions that seem to prove it. But those decisions are small. "Should I eat lasagna or a steak for dinner?". But in the larger context of our lives, we can't just decide to become famous and trust that it will happen.

 In terms of our life's journey, we don't know where we are going, because we are not the driver. The monopole is the driver, because only the monopole holds everything together. Our personality thinks it does, but it just goes along for the ride. Our design, our body, is the vehicle. The monopole is the driver.

 Our Strategy and Authority allow us to live our lives as ourselves, because they let the monopole do its work without us (our mind) getting in the way. The gift of Human Design is that each person can use it to see what strategies they were designed with. And if you follow your design, you will find that when the monopole propels you in the direction of your future you can trust it.

 When, by living our design, we trust the monopole to move us (and keep us moving), we move in innocence without personal agenda. We take care of the physical body, knowing it is where it is supposed to be and up to the task. We act like the self we really are. We love others because we know that we are all essentially of equal value in this world, regardless of the extreme differences we think we see. There is a bit of beauty and magic in this. If you go where you need to go you cannot help but love existence and conversely if you love existence you cannot help but go where you need to go.



Looking at my (quantum) BodyGraph I am a Manifesting Generator (MG).  That is, I am an energy type (my Sacral Center is defined). There are four types within Human Design, the Generator (with the subtype Manifesting Generator), the Projector, the Manifestor and the Reflector. The Generator and the Manifestor are energy types and the Projector and the Reflector are non-energy types. I go into this in more detail in Aura but real.... and Energy is Unique and Authentic (Energy Types and Non-Energy Types). What is characteristic of a Manifesting Generator is the fact that there is a motor Center connected to the Throat. To make it clear what I am talking about, I attach an image in which all the Centers of the BodyGraph are mentioned:

The 9 centers in the BodyGraph:

1. Head - Mental pressure in the sense of inspiration, the Center of questions, doubts and confusion. Mental activity.

2. Ajna - Mental awareness, interpreting answers as opinions, concepts and theories. This is a Center of consciousness/awareness.

3. Throat - Communication and manifestation, metamorphosis and transformation through interaction with the world.

4. G - Love, identity and direction, this is where the magnetic monopole, the higher SELF resides.

5. Heart - Willpower, ego and the material world. This is a motor Center.

6. Spleen - Body consciousness, full existential life, spontaneity, health and well-being, values, the immune system. This is a consciousness/awareness Center.

7. Sacral - The power of fertility, vital energy, responsiveness, availability and sexuality. This is a motor Center.

8. Solar Plexus - Spirit consciousness, emotional and social awareness, passion and desire, abundance of spirit, feelings, moods and sensitivity. This is an engine Center and a consciousness/awareness Center.

9. Root - Physical, adrenaline pressure to keep the momentum going, stress.


Roads and tunnels is the expression used within Human Design to refer to the definitions in our BodyGraph that appear colored black or red when the map is calculated. The calculations appear on the BodyGraph in these two colors to indicate which Gates were activated at the time of our birth (the black) and which Gates were activated 88 degrees of the sun's arc, almost three months, before our time of birth (the red).

You can think of the BodyGraph as a road map and think of the Throat Center as the nexus or town square of the map. From there you can travel in all directions - up or down the various paths. The Throat Center is central to a BodyGraph because through the Throat all of our behaviors (Centers, Channels, Gates, and Lines) manifest or are expressed. In this sense, all roads lead to Rome. But there are also tunnels....

What you see in black in your BodyGraph refers to Personality and it is what you have access to - this is who you think you are. Access in the sense that the behavior can be obvious to you, can be seen (or recognized) by you. The behavior you can identify with. Think of the blackness in your BodyGraph as a pathway to the surface. Sitting on the flank of a hill you can watch everything that happens on that road and (here's the key) because you can see it you think that's who you are.

 Whatever is colored red in your BodyGraph refers to design, to the unconscious, and looks more like a tunnel than a road. If you are on the flank of a hill, you cannot see what is happening in the tunnels. In fact, you can't even tell that there is a tunnel, nor whether there is anything in it or not, whether anything is moving, nor in what direction it might be moving. But (another key) what happens in the tunnels is also you.

One of the real benefits of the Human Design BodyGraph is that when you look at a chart, you get to see everything. You see what is on the surface and therefore what you have access to (the roads). And you also see what you don't have access to - your unconscious or that which is unrecognized within you (the tunnels).

Now you have to understand that the behaviors, whether they are conscious or unconscious, are somehow going to find a way to express or manifest themselves. It is in the nature of energy that it flows and wants to be expressed in words or actions. The behaviors don't care whether you have access to them or not - they just want to express themselves.

 This can be referred to in Human Design as something just popping out of the tunnel, only to have it disappear back into it. It's not uncommon for people to hear something like "Jeez, you're really fickle, or stubborn, or judgmental," etc. and we don't see that in ourselves at all because it's a tunnel, i.e. a Design definition. We don't identify with that, we don't recognize it.

 The BodyGraph gives us the opportunity to see things about ourselves that others can see quite easily, but to which we have not been able to relate. In fact, it is often difficult for us to perceive these unconscious qualities in ourselves at all. However, when we examine them in the light of our own BodyGraph, it becomes possible to recognize moments in our past when we exhibited these behaviors. There is now an opportunity to understand where those behaviors come from that emerge from a tunnel, and also that they are a consistently particular part of you. You can begin to get a fuller idea of who you are. Not with the goal of changing it, but with the goal of living it, accepting it, and enjoying it.


If you look at my BodyGraphs, you will see that my Design BodyGraph (Figure 3) is all white. My Personality BodyGraph (Figure 4) has the exact same Centers colored in as my Quantum BodyGraph (Figure 5). The difference between my Personality BodyGraph and my Quantum BodyGraph is that in the Personality BodyGraph I am Split definition, and in the Quantum Single definition. You can read more about the meaning of definition in Definition in Energy. 




Looking at my Personality design, the way I consciously manifest and communicate (i.e. what I think I am) is one that comes from my Sacral power in the NOW energy in which I let my intuition speak. Gate 20 speaks with the voice "I know I am NOW" (or not). I am aware of the fact that I can therefore speak spontaneously in the now whether I have the energy for something or not. But. I am emotionally defined. And for that, there is no truth for me in the NOW. I live on the emotional wave. That makes me an emotional person. But because of the red Gate connecting to the black Gate in the Solar Plexus, this is not something I have conscious access to. And that makes following my strategy and authority (waiting to react until I am emotionally neutral), require trust for me. And that the mantra for me without exception before making a decision will always be: "I want to sleep on it for a night (or two)". Because there is no truth in the NOW. Even though I THINK there is. As soon as the thinking takes over you are lost. For the head, the mind is NEVER the inner authority. Your mind is a useful tool for others. But never, ever for yourself.


So in my consciousness I am always looking for the Gate which connects my Solar Plexus center with my Throat. While that is not necessary at all, because I have that energy myself (Gate 35), but it is red and therefore unconscious. So I do not immediately identify with this energy. And in practice this means that sometimes I can react emotionally to a situation but am not aware of how (and if) I will manifest or communicate this. Because this is not something I can 'control'. But what this also means is that now that I know I do have that energy, I can also trust that it will come out when it needs to come out. As long as I follow my Strategy and my Authority. That's the whole art of living your design. It always comes back to following your Strategy and your Authority. And I go into more detail about that in Making decisions as YOURSELF (Strategy and Authority). 











This is what makes separating personality and design so important to see how someone seeing it for the first time can be seduced into seeing only what holds the monopole together. Design and Personality are two completely different parts of yourself that are 'forced' to come together in your bio-form (your body). And together they make you. But knowing what you are aware of (and therefore more inclined to follow) and what you are not aware of (but which is definitely a part of you) is helpful in understanding why you sometimes don't immediately feel or understand what is being shown in the Quantum BodyGraph.


The Quantum BodyGraph is what we work with, which is what you are and reflects your true self.

Part B: the circuits in the Design

Now that we know what the personality brings and what the design brings as a whole, I come to the Circuits in the BodyGraph. This is the framework of Channels and Gates defined in the BodyGraph. To make this somewhat visual, you can imagine the Circuit as the house and the Gates and the Channels as the rooms and the hallways in that house. In this section it will also become clear who someone is NOT. The not-self. 

When a Channel is defined, it is a life force. It comes out all the time, 24/7. It is something that consistently moves into your aura. The life-force moves you. It moves your body and it moves your consciousness and capacity to realize yourself in your body.

The BodyGraph consists of an Integration network and three main Circuit groups: the Tribal Circuit, the Individual Circuit and the Collective Circuit. Each Circuit has its own keynote, a concept that represents what that Circuit is all about. This super keynote is of tremendous value because it opens the door to understanding every Channel and Gate in that particular Circuit and lays a foundation for actually understanding the BodyGraph as a whole.

The integration network is not a Circuit. It is a network which is complex in nature. Circuits always involve two Gates connecting two Centers (through a Channel). With the integration network, it is much more complex. There, four Centers can be connected by four Gates through six different Channels.

  • Integration network (keynote: individual self-empowerment)
  • Individual Circuit group (keynote: empowerment (of the other))
    • Knowing Circuit 
    • Centering Circuit
  • Tribal Circuit group (keynote: support or assistance)
    • Ego Circuit
    • Defensive Circuit
  • Collective Circuit group (keynote: sharing)
    • Logical Circuit (Understanding)
    • Abstract Circuit (Feeling/sensing)

In visual terms, this whole thing looks like this: 

Images from "The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation" Lynda Bunnell and Ra Uru Hu)


I have the following Channels defined in my BodyGraph:

  • Channel 20-57, Channel of the Brainwave, a design of penetrating consciousness, this is part of the Individual Circuit (subCircuit knowing).
  • Channel 20-34, Channel of Charisma, a design in which thoughts must become deeds, this is part of the Integration network.
  • Channel 34-57, Channel of Power, a design of an archetype, this is part of the Integration network.
  • Channel 37-40, Channel of Community, a design of a part seeking a whole, this one is part of the Tribal Circuit (sub-Circuit ego).
  • Channel 35-36, Channel of Transitoriness, a design of a "Jack of all Trades", this one is part of the Collective Circuit (subCircuit sensing) 

Considering that all Channels except 35-36 (Transitoriness) are in black, this means that the fixed 24/7 accessible life force from these Channels are reflected in how I present myself. The Channel that defines the particular Center establishes or "determines" what the Center shows or will do. In other words, the Channel gives color to the Center. I have two Channels defined in the Integration network. 

People with definition in this Integration network are only concerned with their own process of self-empowerment. This is not a network that is concerned with whether or not others are empowered, sharing or supported. There are no social Channels in the integration network and one could even say that they are the exact opposite of the Collective process.

If we look at the Centers of consciousness/awareness (the Spleen, Ajna and Solar Plexus), Spleen consciousness is our first human awareness, being an existential alert to ensure our well-being. Shared with all other life forms, this is the dominant consciousness in our long evolutionary process.

Somewhere around 4.2 million years ago, when our earliest "humanoid" ancestors began to walk upright, the process of individuation began. You can see the design of these early "hominids" reflected in the integration Channels. Despite the deeply selfish element of these Channels, however, there is a powerful transformative agent that can make an integration life mutable, and that is the 28th or 38th Gate. In such a case, self-empowerment can then open to the mutational possibilities of general empowerment. In my case, this means that (since Gate 28 is defined in my BodyGraph) my system is not only focused on self-empowerment, but I am more aware of the other when it comes to survival. If you have integration Channels then there is a mechanical need to be self-empowered. And I recognize that very much in myself. I remember how happy I was when I could buy my first own car, had earned my first own salary and started living on my own. Not from the material need of having a car, but from the feeling of being able to live independently. As a self-sufficient being. 



From this background, the Channels from the Integration network provide the following energy for me:

  • 20-34 Channel of Charisma, this is the Channel that makes me a Manifesting Generator (MG). It is also one of the three opposition Channels (where the Gates are polarity and harmony). In the opposition Channels is creative tension, it is the backbone of 'being human'. And this is what you have to learn to deal with. An MG can manifest, but.... only in response to something that comes from outside. And therefore not something you come up with yourself. If you have this Channel defined without connection to other Gates from the integration network then that means you are very busy for yourself and with yourself. Busy, busy, busy. To avoid actually wasting energy in this just being busy and busy, it is important that you follow your Strategy. For only when you use this energy in response will it be energy that will bring you satisfaction rather than frustration.
  • 34-57 Channel of the archetype, in this Channel we see the actual empowerment of intuitive intelligence. It is the direct link from the power of life to the awareness of health and well-being. In this pure self-contained energy, it is a Channel that looks purely at its own survival, it is not meant to empower others. 

For myself, I always like to compare the combination of these two Channels in my design with the lioness who lies quietly on her lazy back in the sun and only makes a dash for it when an antelope passes by. All other prey is not worth wasting this valuable power energy on. Looking at it this way has helped me to trust that when I need to make a dash for something that will help me survive, I intuitively know exactly (that's my Gate 57, the Gate of Intuition) when to do so and that I then also have the power and the energy to be able to do that. And since I also have Gate 28 activated, I know that this power and

energy is available even to others then. Not that they can take it from me, but that this inspires others and that they are empowered by it.

A characteristic of the Integration Network is that some Channels are also in the Individual Circuit. This is also true of the third Channel I have in my design. 

  • 20-57 Channel of the Brainwave, people who have this Channel defined in their design have an extremely sharp intuition and can get to the core of things more easily than others. I am able with this Channel to rely on my intuition in relation to survival. It is a deeply Rooted primal intelligence that allows me to know in the moment, without having to think about it, what I need to do to be physically healthy and safe. This Channel is part of the Knowing Circuit and this Circuit provides the power to live uniquely as yourself, expressing your distinct individuality. I am here to empower others to be unique. I have always found that very important that I can stay "close to myself. That I can and am allowed to be who I am. And that is what this Channel expresses. Individual Channels have the capacity to mutate. That means that where someone brings an individual energy with them this can inspire others to mutate, that they take over. But only if the Collective (the others) also feel that this mutation is helpful to them. It is the Individuals who find the path, the Collective follows the path if it sees the sense in it. Mount Everest has been climbed by Individuals who have paved the way for organizing climbing trips with travel companies. For me, despite knowing in the moment what I need to do to survive, for big questions of life I do follow my Strategy and Authority to make the correct decisions. So in response to something that arises and waiting until I am emotionally clear and neutral. After all, it doesn't happen that much that I have to make a decision about life or death in the NOW moment. But knowing that I can do this does give me a really nice feeling. And that is also fitting with my unconscious Line 1, which always looks for safety, a foundation under a steady base.


The fourth Channel in my design is a Tribal Channel. The Tribal Channel is also called the "sticky" Channel by Ra. It is the Circuit of deals, of support. The Tribal Circuit consists of two sub-Circuits. The Ego Circuit (which is about building communities and commons and making money for that community) and the Defensive Circuit (which is about reproduction, making and raising children). There is a big difference between the Collective, Individual and Tribal Circuits. A Collective person will share something with you, but it is not necessarily personal, the Individual person does his or her thing and empowers the other person with that or not (but they are too busy doing their own thing in that so they probably don't even notice), so there is nothing in here that is 'possessive'. How different this is with the Tribal Circuit. The Tribal Circuit, as mentioned, is 'sticky'. The Tribal person does not think it is important to share anything, nor that it empowers another. The only thing that matters to the Tribal person is the kind of support there is within the relationship. The slogan of the Tribal Circuit is, "If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours." So it's about support, backing. And to know if that support is there you have to get close enough so that you can "smell or feel" the other person. That's what makes it so sticky. In addition, Tribalism is also about 'having'. If you want to scratch the other person's back you will have to have a back yourself. "My husband or my wife supports me in what I do" is a very nice example of a statement from a Tribal person. A Collective person will never say this, let alone an Individual person, they will find it suffocating.

Another characteristic of the Tribe is that they are most intimate in the form of the senses: body odor, touch, taste, etc. Support in a community is affirmed with the shaking of hands, over wine or dinner, a ritualistic 'hug' when a goal is scored in a soccer match, all are expressions of the Tribal Circuit. 

Support or assistance within the Tribe is always a two-way street. Nothing is for free, nothing is for nothing. If a Tribal person gives something to you, you must give something in return. That's how support and backing works in the Tribal Circuit. It consists of deals. And the deal is sealed. And from the moment the deal is sealed (for example, a handshake at an employment contract, or a kiss at a wedding ceremony, gifts at a birthday), then you are expected to stick to it. Otherwise, the support and backing ceases to exist. 

  • 37-40 Channel of community. The Tribal Channel 37-40 is about creating and maintaining the community. This is also one of the three opposition Channels. And so both Gates are both each other's polarity and each other's harmony). It is not so much about money as it is about the social framework for that community. It's part of the Ego Circuit and this Circuit is here to be recognized and seen. So it's about being seen and recognized and waiting until this is the case to then be in control of the manifestation. This Channel is part of a flow of senses in which 'touch' is very important. At 

its core, every human being is existentially alone, but this Channel bridges that condition and allows us to form communities where everyone has their place and function and receives honor and respect. The energy in this emotional Channel is about coming together, working together, and living together. Here we invest in each other and in the group. We support community with the things that cannot be monetized. In community, there is little evidence of hierarchy. No one feels superior or inferior, because everyone willingly contributes what they can to belong, to feel that they belong to the whole. That's why it's called the design of "a part seeking a whole". I absolutely identify with this Channel as the working mother of the family. Gate 40 is about the love of work. And Gate 37 is about the family. I love working and making a living for my family. But it's a deal. And the deal is that there is something in return within my family as well. I was never so aware of that, but I very much need space for myself. And that is respected. 



The final Channel from what is defined in my design is a Collective Channel. The Collective Channel is impersonal. It is about determining what is good in general, for the common good. As opposed to what is good for a particular individual. "It's good for society" comes from the Collective Circuit. Even if it is terrible for you personally, because it is "for the greater good" you submit to it. The key word for the Collective is "Sharing." As a country we all share the same rules, the same money currency, the same public facilities. Without sharing, it would fall apart. A characteristic of the Collective Circuit is the socially obligatory nature of sharing. All Collective Channels and Gates have an obligation to share what they have. Asked and unsolicited. Opinion, crisis, solutions, criticism, ideas, everything is shared. The Collective Circuit consists of two sub-Circuits. The Logical Circuit (which shares by looking forward, by sharing patterns, future-oriented) and the Abstract Circuit (which shares by codifying the past, i.e. from experiences or stories). Because sharing has a socially obligatory nature, it is good to see if the Channel (or Gate) that is in the Collective Circuit is consciously or unconsciously in your design (or as in my case, partly conscious and partly unconscious). The reason for this is that if it is an unconscious Channel, you may sometimes be surprised by what comes out of your mouth. Ask yourself the question, Do I know I'm sharing? Is it conscious? Am I actually participating in the sharing or is it happening without me being aware of it? What is it that I am sharing?

The Collective way of doing this is, "Let me share all this with you...". And so that can be anything. If you have a Collective Channel or a Collective Gate and you are aware of it, then by answering these questions for yourself you can see what you are really sharing. Again, although every Collective Gate and every Collective Channel is social, it should not be confused with being personal. It is about random sharing, very social, but in no way personal. Knowing this makes receiving certain opinions from people a lot easier. Gate 17, the Gate of opinion is a Collective Gate (Logic). And so this one is never meant to be personal. It is simply the social obligation to share, no more, no less. 

  • My Collective Channel is 36-35 Channel of Transitoriness. This Channel is in the Abstract (sensing) sub-Circuit and with this Channel I have a 'design of Jack of All Trades'. The Abstract Collective Circuit is about sharing an experience. This part of the Circuit Centers around the Solar Plexus, our emotional Center and is about continuing our emotional growth through experience. This is the place where you share your feelings, your experiences. And there is nothing of Logic in that. It is the Circuit in which the experience of being alive is collected and shared. It is the power of evolution itself. The journey through all possibilities of life and therefore of all Circuits the most human. With that, it is also the most vulnerable Circuit. Because this Circuit moves around the Solar Plexus, it can never give 100% awareness on which we can rely. After all, the characteristic of the Solar Plexus is 'No truth in the NOW'. Only after reflection and contemplation, over time, can some form of clarity emerge. But there is never complete stability and certainty. But it is the articulation of human history. Without the Abstract Circuit, there would have been no evolution of man and no progression of man in exploring its possibilities. Again, this is a deeply IMPERSONAL Circuit. It is about the Collective way of experience. The Channel 36-35 is an emotionally manifesting Channel, trying all sorts of things (even if they have no obvious value) to gain experience. So it is purely about experience: "Been there, done that". Over time, gaining all that experience can provide some wisdom about which experiences pay off in terms of value, or it results in a feeling of dejection. A feeling of: "Was that all?" In the very extreme form, it results in a feeling that nothing matters much. That everything that happens always comes to the same thing. The creative nature of this Channel is definitely NOT personal, but Collective and so it must share what it does with others. SHARE WHAT IT DOES, NOT WHAT IT THINKS. 

This is the experiential way, which may require you to do things that have never been done before and may not be easy. But here's what makes it so interesting - the process is shared! The 35-36 doesn't do all this alone; they take others with them. Explorers would be a good example of this Channel. I do recognize this in myself. I have never been afraid to jump into the deep end, to do something I had never done before. During my working life but also in my private life I have done all kinds of things in all kinds of work and fields in which I had no background. Learning by experience and also bumping my head when I don't have a sufficient basis and foundation is a thread that runs through my life. Now that I know my design I know that I have no influence on the part of this Channel which is unconscious. And that is the part that brings Gate 35. The change it brings after the crisis (Gate 36) is resolved and the fact that rejection can be a part of the process. It's something that happens to me. And I'm more aware of this now with the insights into my own design. And that also makes this Channel a really interesting Channel to have. To observe and trust and experiment with following my Strategy and inner Authority on it. Knowing that this is what belongs to me and how I was designed. I am not a person of 1 single passion. I have many more and I love to share them! 

The different roles in my life: mother, partner, singer, career woman, police woman, daughter.... A Jack of All Trades in pictures.

Part C: the Hexagrams (Gates)



In this section, the Hexagrams will be discussed. In other words, in this part I am going to describe the Gates in my design.

To give a description of the Gates in my design and thus what the roadmap of my design looks like, I consult various sources. Obviously from the information taught by Ra Uru Hu in the International School of Human Design, but also from Alokanand Diaz who in his book "The 64 Gates through the Rave Mandala" (2021) describes all 64 Gates from the starting point of the not-self. He describes the Gates from their connection with polarity (the perfect opposite) and with the influence the 16 Godheads have on the Gates. Alokanand writes the following about Human Design in his book (which is a reflection of a four-day course he taught in Oslo, Norway in 2014:


"Human Design is the absolute of the mechanics of the Maia. We are designed to perceive existence, life, in a unique way, whether we like it or not, whether we understand it or not, whether it makes sense to us or not. That's just the way it works. It is an absolute fact, none of us have a choice in it. Human Design is form knowledge. Not philosophy, not morality, not esoterism, it's not about humanity, it's about YOU". The 64 Gates through the Rave Mandala, Diaz, 2021, p. 6

For more information on the book and on the background of Alokanand Diaz who has been working on Human Design since 1993 and who worked with Ra Uru Hu from 1993 to 2011 I refer to his website.


Alokanand describes the Gates from the polarities. "The polarities complement each other. The Hexagrams (Gates) of, for example, the 5 and the 35 mirror each other and collapse as the right hand falls into the left hand. They are two opposites where there is always tension, but what is a creative tension. They keep each other in balance. Polarities in the BodyGraph bring the potential for creative tension".

There are defined Channels and defined Centers, but defined Gates do not exist. They are Gates that are active (in a defined Center) or dormant (in an undefined Center). A Channel, as I have described, is a life-force. 24/7 this always comes out. A Gate, on the other hand, is an inanimate object, especially when it is a dangling Gate in an open or undefined Center. Then you don't even know it is there, it is dormant potential. Only when a transit or someone passes by that defines the Center the dormant Gate is in, then it (/they) become active. Awake. 

A dormant Gate in a defined Center is functional, but it never determines what the Center will do. The Center always follows the definition, the defined Channel. Alokanand describes it as a verb and an adjective: "The Gate that is active and part of that defined Center becomes an adjective to that verb. The verb is the definition (Channel) and the Gate becomes the adjective. A Gate is an activation, a potential. We often call this, "this part of me or that part of me" because a hanging Gate is always looking for its harmonious Gate to form a Channel, a whole. With that, it is a place of deep conditioning.


In the image above you can see the Gates in my design, including the Quarters they are in. The Mandala consists of four 'Quarters':

  • Quarter of Initiation (MIND)
  • Quarter of Civilization (FORM)
  • Quarter of Duality (RELATIONS)
  • Quarter of Mutation (SPIRIT)

In going through the Gates in my design, I follow the Mandala, the wheel of life. In addition, I use the general description of the Gates and not the Lines. What is written in red are Gates that are in my Design and that I do not have conscious access to, what is written in black are Gates that are in my Personality and that I can identify with. I have taken the description from the information in


Here we are dealing with the mental process. The Gates that are in this Quarter have only one purpose and that is to expand your mental horizon, to expand the consciousness that you are capable of. How much can you see? How much of what you can see can you absorb? How much of what you can see can you find yourself in? Who do you think you are? How much of what you think you are is actually who you are? 

My Gates in this Quarter are: 37 (twice), 36 and 17. 

  • Gate 17 is the ability to mentally process information into Logical opinions. Here a person's understanding is organized into Logical formulas that serve to anticipate the future. A person's perception of the future is then transformed into a concept. Opinions need a Logical basis in order to be understood and critically examined. It should be noted that this does not mean that the facts are actually correct. These are theoretical opinions that are used to form concepts and to be able to organize systems and structures. Gate 17 is the right eye, which sees clearly in the Now. It sees the details and knows how to project them as patterns into the future. The potential of the Gate is the Forming of Opinions. 
  • Gate 37 (once in my Personality and once in my Design) is about emotional attachment and loyalty - in friendship, in marriage, within the family and community. It offers support and nurtures those who belong to a group. However, the loyalty and warmth offered require something in return, for any marriage and community only works if they are based on agreements. This Gate is an emotional outlet for anger when such agreements are broken. For a long time she will remain good-natured, until at some point an emotional outburst becomes inevitable. This is the time when her kind sensitivity can turn into pure hatred. The potential of the Gate is Loyalty.
  • Gate 36 represents emotional suggestibility. Potentially, it is the strongest outlet for emotions in the Emotion Center (Solar Plexus), as it can propel emotional experiences to both the highest heights and the deepest of crisis. This is where inexperience is transformed into experience. Even if it is only a change of emotions, this change is seen as something that is either feared - a crisis - or desperately longed for. So much desire and craving has accumulated in the stream of emotions that when the experience is actually lived through, the emotional outburst is inevitable. In this case, the culmination of the experience may also be a deep emotional crisis. Only at the end of the cycle will one know what purpose it has served. The potential of the Gateway is Emotional Affectivity.


The Gates in this Quarter have nothing to do with mind, here it is all about form. Understanding the form through doing or being. All the Gates that are in the Throat Center are in this Quarter. Civilization is the form of the world. This is the mundane level where everything has a price. Where everything is of a material nature. Even our bodies are of a material nature. This Quarter begins with Gate 2: the way, the form, the human form, it gives direction to human behavior.

My Gates in this Quarter are: 20, 16, 35, 33, 53 and 39.

  • Gate 16 is about the expression of skills, abilities and identification. Enthusiasm for a cause is what leads to an accumulation of skills. Through repetition, practice and experimentation, these artistic or scientific skills will be refined until they are brought to perfection. The necessary energy is provided by the enthusiasm of Gate 16 (e.g., the dancer who becomes the dance and finds perfect expression by losing himself in the music). This Gate is also about a skillful way of living. Its potential is Identification.
  • Gate 20 is the expression of being present in the Now. It means being aware of the present moment, the existential presence in the Now. It is the most complex Gate in the Throat Center because it is part of the Integration Channels that can be connected to up to three other Centers: Through Gate 10 with the Identity Center (G), through Gate 34 with the Life Force Center (Sacral), and through Gate 57 with the Intuition Center (Spleen). It operates in the Now and is the voice that says, "I am Now." Gate 20 is aware of the moment and this influences its actions and speech. The potential of the Gate is Presence.
  • Gate 33 articulates what has been heard or experienced. It is the Gate of retreat to process heard experiences and take time to reflect on what has happened for oneself. It is the potential to express the wisdom gained through experience and share it with others through memories. Before a cycle can end, a period of reflection and solitude is required. It is also the Gateway of secrets, revelations and epiphanies. Gate 33 needs verbal exchange, and society benefits from the stories of the historians, teachers and storytellers. Here, progress is passed on to the next generation through experience. The potential of the Gate and its aspect in the Penta Force Field is Prudence.
  • Gate 35 expresses experiences that lead to progress. It is the end of an emotional experience, the conclusion of a cycle that absorbs, collects and presents impressions while always yearning for change. Gate 35 is bored if nothing happens and is driven to become a jack-of-all-trades who tries everything in order to have experienced everything. To do this, she always needs other people with whom she can have experiences. Gate 35 senses exactly when a change is coming, that something new is around the corner, that the wheel must keep turning. The potential of the Gate is Progress.
  • Gate 39 is the urge to acquire emotional freedom. Its task is to provoke the Spirit and to arouse emotions to recognize the quality of Spirit. It is the energy that deals with moods and clears emotional obstacles that get in a person's way. The value of the obstacle lies in revealing the individual's attitude and Spirit. Gate 39 seeks challenges and provocation. It provokes others to gain emotional attention, which can elicit both positive and negative reactions. The potential of the Gate is Liberation.
  • Gate 53 represents the drive and willingness to start something new. It is the pressure of the starter energy to begin a new cycle without knowing exactly where it will lead. This is where the energy for new beginnings is released, and it doesn't matter if everything started by Gate 53 is completed. Gate 53 is willing to patiently push through new developments in a structured way, even if it seems complicated and difficult at first and there is no certainty that others will give their support. There is also the possibility of incorporating tried and established methods into the process. The potential of the Gateway is a New Beginning.


The world of duality, the world of the other. That is what this Quarter is all about. The world of relationships. The purpose of relationships is that they succeed. It is about the roles within those relationships (father, boss, son, daughter, mother, grandmother, teacher...). The Quarter begins with Gate 7. This one is about the roles in interaction. What role do you embody in interaction with others. The question of the Gates in this Quarter is:

- Am I playing my role well?

- Am I a woman as a woman "should be?

The form is not fixed, it is here to be transformed. Relationships are opposites. The principle of 'opposites attract'. All relationships are loaded with emotionality and we humans often find this difficult.

My Gates in this Quarter are: 40, 18 (twice), 57, 28 and 50

  • Gate 18 (once in my Personality and once in my Design) is the consciousness to survive based on the ability to judge. It is the Gate of correcting errors within systems. It possesses a natural sense of detecting error and an innate pleasure in criticizing. This Gate is where we receive conditioning from our parents, especially from the parent of the opposite sex. This Gate challenges conditioning by authorities. The rules and standards we were taught are the basic principles of comparison and will be applied to everything: lovers, friends, superiors at work, and also to oneself. No matter the circumstances, the need for perfection is a continuous process that never ends. The potential of the Gate is Judgment.
  • Gate 28 is about surviving by taking risks, revealing that life always involves risk. It is the potential intuition of knowing whether or not it makes sense to fight. It means knowing whether or not it pays to be relentless, to take a risk that might endanger life or make life possible at all. The challenge is life itself, and the task is to feel alive and to give one's life meaning and purpose. It is an individual Gateway to know whether or not his individual life is of value. Here the individual must face the challenges alone and therefore must know intuitively whether it is worth fighting or not. The potential of the Gate is the Willingness to Take Risks.
  • Gate 40 represents the conscious decision to be for or against something. It is the Gate of solitude and refusal. The ability to work hard for the community and earn money for the family requires setting boundaries and the ability to protect one's own Ego. There must be some balance between work and personal life, which is the case if there is enough time for oneself and time to rest. This Gate sparks a person's determination to break free from negative forces in order to survive in the struggle for existence. Gate 40 needs emotional support that can strengthen her will and spur her on in her work for the community. The potential of the Gate is Determination.
  • Gate 50 represents intelligence based on values and ethical consciousness. It is the Root of human intelligence. All the consciousness of survival that comes from the Intuition Center (Spleen) is brought together and concentrated in this Gate: The Flow of Taste - the Collective Logic, the Flow of Intuition - the Individual Process, and the Flow of Instinct - the Collective Process. And as in a cauldron, a crucible, Gate 50 incorporates them into the values and laws of our culture and civilization. The subject of the Gate is to take responsibility and represent laws and values. The potential of the Gate is Values.
  • Gate 57 is the Gate of intuitive consciousness that ensures survival. It is the source of consciousness that all mammals possess and represents the deep intuition of humans that generates well-being and ensures survival. This Gate is very keenly oriented and is attributed to the right ear. It is sensitive to sounds and vibrations. Gate 57 is about the fear of the future. Its mode is to stay alert and pay attention in the Now to sense and foresee dangers well in advance. Gate 57 is connected to three other Centers: Through Gate 20 it connects to the Expression (Throat) Center, through Gate 34 to the Life Force (Sacral) Center, and through Gate 10 to the Identity (G) Center. These three specializations are "Individual" and not made to be influenced by others. Through selective hearing it is able to discern which information is essential to its survival and which is not. The potential of the Gate is Intuition.


This is about the relationship you have with yourself. It is about pure self-expression. It is not about changing or mutating others, but about changing or mutating your awareness of your self. It's about collecting the few sentences you want to tell those you love five minutes before you die. It's about knowing how to live, how to make the most of your life, knowing how to be yourself in this life no matter what. We're here to discover our possibilities, to explore our own potential, to explore what happens when we just be ourselves, when we don't try to become someone else, when we don't want to be anything other than who we already are. FOLLOW YOUR OWN BELIEFS.

My Gates in this Quarter are: 34 (twice), 5 (twice), 9, 14, 26, 60 and 19

  • Gate 5 is the vital force that brings order and creates patterns or rhythms. It is the power of waiting to integrate a pattern. It is the Gate of habits, daily routines and pace. The pulse of life, which is closely linked to time, originates in this Gate. From the patterns of the human digestive system or one's breathing frequency to the flow of the seasons. Gate 5 implies the ability to wait for the right moment to maintain rhythms and align with nature. The potential of the Gate is Rhythm. In the Penta Force Field, it represents the aspect of Regulatory Culture.
  • Gate 9 is home to the vital force of focusing on the details, i.e., the determination to stay focused on details, which is essential to the whole Logical cycle of experimenting, revising, repeating, practicing and perfecting (mastery). "Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". It is what you focus your attention on and what small details you pay attention to that greatly influences the path of the journey. Gate 9 is either overwhelmed or distracted by the details, or it uses its focus on the details to achieve the larger goal. Since the Logic Circuit has little energy supply, it is important to focus so as not to waste energy. The potential of the Gate is Focusing.
  • Gate 14 contains the vital power and capacity for individual creation. The potential is to love what you do and do what you love. Under these conditions, any act of creation will increase one's energy rather than waste it. It represents the power to find your own direction in life by using your individual power of creation. This Gateway loves to work and knows how to "possess in great measure" through its abundant resources. However, it is not about amassing large amounts of material possessions, but about applying one's ability in an act of service to others. The real key to unleashing this potential is to avoid becoming a slave while remaining generous to others. The potential of the Gateway is Capacity. In the Penta Force Field and also in the OC16 Force Field (Wa), Gate 14 is the Central Gate.
  • Gate 19 provides the urge to possess the necessary resources. Its claim is to fulfill one's own emotional and material needs as well as those of the community. This Gate is primarily concerned with fundamental needs, such as having one's own territory, access to food, contact, emotional closeness, and sex. It is the energy that demands the support of the community. Gate 19 is very sensitive to the needs of those around it and makes its power available to fulfill these needs. It is the force that propels revolutions and upheavals when the needs of the community are no longer met. The potential of the Gate is the Sensitivity to Needs.
  • Gate 26 is deliberate persuasion and tactics. Gate 26 seeks maximum reward with minimum effort. The archetype of the salesman, who is always able to seal a deal because he knows the right tactics. The ability to deceive and manipulate for one's own benefit or for the benefit of the community, regardless of the situation, serves as a means to climb the hierarchical ladder and assume a position where one no longer has to work. Gate 26 possesses an unusual ability to survive and will find shortcuts anywhere. The potential of the Gate is Tactical.
  • Gate 34 (once in my Personality and once in my Design) is the vital force of individual strength and power. It is the pure and unconditional power of the individual, ready to show itself and available for use. It feeds three Channels and can connect to three different Centers: Through Gate 20 to the Throat Center, through Gate 10 to the Identity Center (G), and through Gate 57 to the Intuition Center (Spleen). Depending on how Gate 34 is connected, its energy will show itself in different ways. In any case, it is pure vital energy that is self-reinforcing. Gate 34 has the urge to show that one is different and powerful. The potential of the Gate is Individual Power, which at best also serves the common good.

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