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Published on 6 August 2022 at 00:47

Go with the flow.

The power of repetition is well embedded within the Human Design System. So again I repeat that when we follow our Strategy and inner Authority we bypass all conditioning elements to live as our Self. We then use this conditioning as sources of information and potential wisdom that we gain from it.

But conditioning itself can reach us in different ways as we have already seen in the other sections where I have discussed this. Our open Centers, the influence of our Mind, the aura and Definition of others once they come into our aura, the aura itself, our upbringing, societal values, there is so much that can influence us in being ourselves that it really isn't always easy to not let that happen either. But not only the influences from outside of us, but also the influence that is within ourselves, within our BodyGraph, tells us something about the energy dynamics, the flow. And in that, there are five ways in which definition is expressed and experienced:

1. No definition - a Reflector without defined Centers (approx. 1% of the population)

2. Single definition - all defined Channels and defined Centers in the design are connected in one uninterrupted flow (approx. 41% of the population)

3. Simple-split definition - two separate defined areas that are not connected (approx. 46% of the population)

4. Triple-split definition - three separate defined areas that are not connected to each other (approx. 11% of the population)

5. Quadruple-split definition - four separate defined areas that are not connected (approx. 1% of the population)

I choose not to describe the five different forms in great detail. What is important to know when you are working on your experiment is how you are distracted from your definition when you look at the Definition in your design. 


If you have a Single Definition in your design, then in essence you do not need anyone else to feel 'whole'. The energy between your defined Centers flows without interruption in one piece. Even when you are in your own aura this uninterrupted flow of energy is present. People who are Single Definition have no inner need or desire to connect with others or feel that they are missing something in their own design when it comes to their own life force. The conditioning will take place primarily through the receptivity of the open or undefined Centers and the intervention of the Mind as the decision-making entity.


When you have a Split in your definition, you are more susceptible to conditioning on the Gates that make the Split a Channel. That is, if the 'missing' Gate or Channel were to bridge the Split then this energy becomes a motivating factor in life. Unconsciously a pursuit of the qualities of that missing Gate or Channel takes place as if it represents something that is incomplete, wrong or missing in your life or as if this part of you needs to be repaired or transformed in order to feel 'whole'. I deliberately say 'as if' here because those missing Gates or that missing Channel (actually the not consistently present and reliable part of it) are not you. Nor is it your intention to pursue those qualities. Because this irrevocably leads to non-self behavior. You have a Split because that is how you are defined and designed and nothing needs to be fixed about it. The only way out of this is to follow your Strategy and your Authority, because then you will meet those who will be a natural and correct bridge for your Split. 


Every design is made to live in Flow. In Flow with how you as a human being are meant to be. Knowing how it works for you will also help you recognize the times when it hasn't worked. It teaches you to look back more lovingly and without judgment on decisions you've made or life experiences you've had. Maybe you need help with that or you want to be guided in this. And maybe I am the one who can do that for you. I invite you to contact me for an informal talk or have a look at my Coaching and Counseling pages to see if there is something that appeals to you.

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