Making decisions as YOURSELF

Published on 5 August 2022 at 23:30

In this section I will take you to the heart of living your own life.... 

Human Design can hold you indefinitely in the accumulation of knowledge. In fact, it can hold you so tightly in the accumulation of knowledge and the desire to deepen that knowledge that you forget that it came here as a tool or personal manual to live as yourself, without resistance (unless it is resistance meant for you) and in alignment with your pure life force. 


The point is that when you get lost in the vast amount of information out there about Human Design you also get lost in living your own unique life. On top of that, it is questionable whether all the information that is shared about Human Design is always correct or accurate and as it was once passed on by Ra Uru Hu. Human Design has taken off in the last two or three years and has been embraced by many people. This is of course fantastic and beautiful, but there is also the chance that it will then be deployed from the non-self and this makes it possible to present it as some kind of panacea. And as long as you don't take the time to live it yourself and actually experiment with it, the knowledge is a nice to know and not a need to know. In fact, then it can really take you even deeper into your not-self (and take others into it).


I myself am very picky in the sources I follow and consult. In my search, I too have often felt the temptation of my not-self to 'fix this quickly'. My undefined Root Center is still 'in a hurry to get rid of the pressure'. It sounds so appealing to learn how to live as your True Self using Human Design 'in a 10 week course'. But it is really an experiment which you experience and live every day. The world of conditioning is so strong. And the genetic attraction to your open Centers in your Design also make it really complicated at times to not fall back into old patterns. But the trick here is to remain loving towards yourself and every step is one. That is the beauty of experimentation. You gain experience in the life of your design and that goes with trial and error. And that's totally okay and fine. If you stick to your Strategy and your inner Authority and recognize the signs in which you feel resistance as a sign that you have strayed from your own path for a while, then at some point you will start to smile about it. 

In the section Aura but then truly...I have described the different auras. There I also gave a hint of the Strategy for each Type. In this section I will elaborate on that. If you want to make decisions as yourself, then you must not only follow your Strategy, but also honor your inner Authority. And what the inner Authority entails I will also describe in this section. Again, I'm staying on the surface in the practical because it's only meant to give an insight into the theory behind it, if you start working with me I can explain it further for you personally and I can also link it to the rest of your Design. On this page Coaching and Guidance you can find what I have to offer in this.


Strategy can be divided into two categories. The Strategy of Initiating and the Strategy of Responding. Initiating means that there is an internal stimulus that prompts one to take action. The only Type that is here to initiate is the Manifestor. The other Types (the Generator and the Manifesting Generator, the Projector and the Reflector) are here to respond to an external stimulus. For each Type, when you live in accordance with your design you live your signature and when you do not live in accordance with your design you live your Not-Self. 



The Manifestor's strong, closed and repelling aura allows the Manifestor to initiate and make an impact without the need for an external stimulus. Initiation comes from within them and it always has an impact on others. And to ensure that this impact is not exerted unexpectedly or unannounced and thus creates resistance, it is very important that the Manifestor informs others before taking action. Informing in this case is not asking permission, it is purely letting others know what you are going to do or initiate in order to remove the resistance. It is really a Strategy that the Manifestor must learn because it is the only Strategy that does not come naturally. But if Manifestors inform and make others aware of what they are doing, others will either leave them alone or jump in to support or assist them. It allows the Manifestor to use his or her creative energy and flow undisturbed, and it eases the frustration of others. But that is only a by-product, the Strategy is not for the other person, the Strategy is for the Manifestor itself. Conversely, Manifestors often also very much enjoy being informed, but it is not necessary for living a life as oneself. If the Manifestor does not inform before initiating or taking action then it will face resistance. 



The open and enveloping aura of the Generator (and the Manifesting Generator) is inviting and attractive to others. And that makes the Strategy for the Generator very natural. For the Generator only needs to respond to the life that comes to him or her. The Generator has access to Sacral life force 24/7 and this Sacral Center has a unique way of communicating that is 100% reliable for the Generator. The Sacral sound is unique to the Generator and the sounds indicate whether or not the Generator has energy for something. Ah-hun is the sound of "Yes" and Uh-hun is the sound of "No. When the Generator says hmmm.... then that is an 'I don't know, so no for now'. This Sacral Belly sound is not only reliable but also fast, it is faster than the mind and that makes learning to listen to this sound also a challenge for many Generators. Because the mind immediately looks for a reason behind that Sacral Yes or No, while there is no reason, it is simply the answer that is correct at that moment (in the NOW) for that Generator. Some Generators find it a very strange idea to have to listen to the sounds to know what is correct for them. For people who find this complicated or who then go back to thinking about whether this was really an Ah-hun or an Uh-hun, it is also practical to feel what a question does to the body. If it pulls you up and you feel you want to move then it is a Sacral Yes, but if it holds you back or cramps in your belly, then it is a Sacral No. 

Although the Manifesting Generators have the same aura and also the same Strategy as the Generators and thus their Sacral sound indicates whether they have energy for something or not, there is a peculiarity with this subgroup that I would like to appoint here. The Manifesting Generator, in addition to having a defined Sacral Center, has a motor connected to the Throat. For the Manifesting Generators who have their Sacral Center connected to the Throat through Channel 34-20 (see also The ABC's of Human Design) it applies that they rather use language and words for their belly sound. So a real YES or No Way or Don't Know is often very recognizable to a Manifesting Generator.

Generators who are hearing about their Strategy for the first time and cannot relate to it, there is an exercise to help them learn to recognize the Sacral Sound. This exercise is a standard part of my coaching when I am dealing with a Generator. It is a questionnaire with a large number of yes/no questions in which we practice turning on your Sacral Center again. Because with many Generators, this Sacral Center has been flattened by conditioning. Would you like to know more about this? Then contact me or take a look at the Coaching and Guidance page.





The Projector's aura is intense, absorbing and penetrating. A Projector can see right into your heart. If the Projector is seen and acknowledged and waits until there is an invitation to take action then they can bring their wisdom and special qualities to bear on others. This does not involve very small mundane things, but THE invitation that moves them forward on their own predestined life path. Projectors are here to guide and direct. And they can't do that for everyone. Also because they are not energy beings. Projectors have the capacity to see the big picture, to recognize the unique gifts and talents of others, and to bring people together. The way Projectors can use their capacity is not through telling others what they should do, but by guiding others through asking the right questions. In doing so, it is important for the Projector to recognize and live their own capacities, for then the aura will be an "I'm-open-for-invitation" field. Recognition accompanied by a formal invitation is how other Types honor and empower Projectors.






The Reflector is the Canary in the Coal Mine. With their gathering sampling aura and their openness in all Centers, they have a completely different set of 'rules' than the other three Types. Reflectors are "moon-beings". Born with a special connection to the cosmic environment, they collect, reflect and make evaluations about the quality of the environment every day. They are sensitive to their environment, even when others move in that environment. Reflectors can amplify and/or mirror the energy of others around them, and in doing so can give back to the other without bias what they experience and see in the other. The advantage of the way their aura works is that nothing sticks and that they are able to 'drain' the energy of others or of the Transits after it has been felt. It also makes that every day brings a new experience for the Reflector and that there can only be clarity in decision making after they have felt and experienced for 28 days (a lunar cycle) what is the right decision for them. This is the Strategy of the Reflector. Waiting to make a decision so they have experienced the entire lunar cycle. The many experiences and energy exchanges with others around them through their openness in their Design allows them to develop much wisdom and serve others with that as a mirror. For all people, boundaries are a theme that helps to live the life of oneself, but for the Reflector it is extra important. Setting boundaries and teaching others that they need their time to make a decision. The location and environment the Reflector is in is key to their happiness.


The Human Design System offers each person the opportunity to see what inner Authority determines what is or is not correct for that person. Every human being has an inner Authority of their own. But conditioning has mostly moved us away from our inner Authority. Our heads (the Mind) play a major role in this. It has appropriated the property of a decision-making body. A role that is not reserved for our mind. But that many of us who do not know the Human Design System or who meet it for the first time will recognize. In this section I will describe the different types of inner Authority that the Human Design System knows and their properties. Authority has a hierarchy. This hierarchy is reflected in the definition in a BodyGraph. The "highest in rank" is the Solar Plexus. Once the Solar Plexus is defined in a BodyGraph then that person has Emotional Authority.



When the Solar Plexus is defined then you are emotionally defined. No matter what Type you are, the definition of the Solar Plexus trumps all other Centers. Approximately 50% of the people on our planet are emotionally defined and thus serve as waiting until they are emotionally clear before they can make a decision. This is because the Solar Plexus operates through the emotional wave which is always in motion. It goes from highs to lows, from hope to pain and vice versa. And the emotional wave is mechanical and you cannot fix it. If you're in your high, you're going to go back to a low somewhere, anyway. And that also means that for people with Emotional Authority there can never be a 'truth in the now'. The truth of an emotionally defined person comes about through the collection of impressions and feelings in that emotional wave. And the collection of all those moments at some point give clarity and only then can you make a decision that is consistent with how you were designed.

This is really a complicated inner Authority for many people to experiment with and recognize when clarity is happening. Being emotionally defined myself, I still find this complicated as well. What I find helpful in this for myself is to adopt the maxim 'no truth in the now'. In the NOW, a decision is never the right decision. I have taught myself not to answer immediately when I am asked to make a decision about something, but to give back that I want to sleep on it for a while. And that has given me insights through which I began to understand why I so often regretted things I had said 'yes' to. What seemed like great fun at the time of the question turned out to be not so much fun at all the day after, and then I had already said yes and gone ahead with it anyway. And the latter, that's not only unhealthy for myself, but also for the person I'm including in my unhealthy "yes" to something. By honoring and respecting your emotional authority, you not only honor and respect your own decisions, but indirectly also the other. 

And of course this still goes wrong regularly. The conditioning of our world to have to make a quick decision about something is strong. And because I have an undefined Root Center where I experience a pressure to get something done as quickly as possible, it doesn't get any easier. But the result when you do follow your inner emotional Authority is priceless. 


If you have a defined Sacral Center then you are a Generator (or a Manifesting Generator). And if the Solar Plexus is not defined then you have Sacral Authority and you can make a decision with your Sacral voice. This strong feeling of an ah-huh (yes) or uhn-un (no) for something is accompanied not only by sound but for many Generators also by a movement toward something or away from something. The Sacral Center responds to closed yes/no questions. When asked an open question or you give an order to do something without asking, the Sacral Center does not respond. Nevertheless, our society is programmed that way. The Nike slogan is a great example of this: Just do it! But for over 70% of the world's population, this way of stimulation is not correct stimulation. And if this non-correct way of  inciting an activity or committing the energy is used anyway, it leads to frustration.

And that's what a lot of people are walking around with in the not-self world. With all the consequences of that.... If you ask someone with Sacral Authority a yes/no question, you will get the honest and sincere answer. If there is any kind of doubt, or a "hm..." then the answer is, "I don't know yet, ask me again later or ask the question in a different way". The Generator and the Manifesting Generator who have Sacral Authority and live as their design intended are the most honest beings on this earth. The answer you get is the answer that is correct for that person. How beautiful that is. And how wonderful it would be if we could respect and see each other in that. For the Sacral answer is never about the other, but about the person with the Sacral Authority living as himself. And you can have little objection to that it would seem to me.


When you have the Spleen defined and you have no definition in the Solar Plexus or the Sacral Center then you have Splenic And that is a pure impulsive Authority. You make your decisions on your intuition. You feel this as an immediate resonance or recognition with something or someone and an inner knowing whether something is healthy for you or not. The Spleen is our highly developed survival intelligence and it alerts us to which environments, direction, opportunities and people are safe and beneficial for us to connect with and which are not.

When you have Splenic Authority you need to listen very carefully to the subtle signals your body is giving you. The 'little voice' that whispers and warns you once and then no more. As soon as you feel it you have to act, because as soon as you start thinking about it and want to reason with it, your not-self mind will start running away with it and you will have missed the valuable message from your body.

For people with Splenic Authority it is extremely important to be present in the now and to stay that way in order to give your body the chance to guarantee your safety. You also make decisions in the moment. If you wait, the moment is over and will not return. This is what is correct for those with Splenic Authority. It is important to learn not to be tempted by your mind or by the emotional needs, desires and pressures of other people to reconsider your decision or move away from the messages of your Spleen Center. 


The Ego Manifesting Authority is driven by the willpower motor of the Heart (Ego) Center. People who have this Authority must listen carefully to what they say, for this is their truth. So "what comes out of the mouth spontaneously in the moment" is true, not what the mind says. Since this is a Manifestor Channel, it is important to inform what you are going to do, without consulting the not-self Mind in this. You are informing that which you are doing without being controlled by what your mind says to do. If you think in advance what you want to say then you are away from your inner Authority if you have Ego Manifesting Authority. As a Manifestor you have a design by which you make an impact and so it is very important that you trust what you have to say. Surrender to the truth of your voice. Your voice leads, you follow. Trust it.


Unlike the Ego Manifesting Authority, the Ego Projected Authority is an Authority that must be acknowledged and invited. Trusting to wait for the invitation is very important because there are so many open Centers that can create distractions to the not-Self. People with this Authority must wait for people to come to them who acknowledge them and invite them to share their truth. Then these Projectors can provide a wonderful form of guidance and mentoring for others and stand in their unique Projector power. When you have Ego Projected Authority it is important that in response to a question you ask the counter-question. 

The question you ask is, "What's in it for me? The energy that comes from the Willpower Center (Ego/Heart) is selective. You either do have the energy or you don't have the energy to do something. And if you do have the energy to do something, then at some point this energy runs out. And then you need time to collect or 'save' new energy. Running out = running out. Think of it as a bank. If there is money in it you can spend it, if it is gone, it is gone.  Regardless of whether it is your Authority or not, the following always applies to the defined Willpower Center (Ego/Heart): it remains healthy when you make promises and stick to them and that you prove or show that when you have committed to something correctly you have the willpower to finish it. The prerequisite is always that you have committed to something correctly. In other words, if you have followed your Strategy and inner Authority. If you do not do this then you are putting too much strain on the physical heart and that is obviously not healthy for your body. Additionally, a defined Heart Center always requires a balance between hard work and rest. After all, gone = gone. Both energetically and physically. 


With this Authority it is also important that you listen to what you have to say. The Projectors who have this Authority literally speak from their inner Self. When you are invited to speak, you are speaking from your own Identity. Again, listen to your voice in the moment and not to what your Mind has to say about it. Thinking in advance what you are going to say is always not-Self. Trust the voice of the Now, listen to your own story. And if you want to know what your own story is, ask people around you if they want to be your Soundboard. So a conversation where there is only a listening ear and nothing else. And ask yourself the question, "Does this make me happy?" 

"Does this offer me an opportunity to express myself?", "Is this something that will take me in the right direction?". 


For people with an Environment Authority (the Mental Projectors), there is no inner personal Authority. This is not to say that these people cannot make decisions as themselves, but this decision making is guided by sensory information about the environment they are in. And this sensory information comes in through their open Centers. If the environment doesn't feel right, then the people in that environment and anything else that entices you to make decisions are not right for you either. Mental Projectors should first ask themselves this question, "Is this environment correct for me?" The temptation of interfering with the Mind on this question is latent. After all, there are so many powerful Centers that are open and therefore open to conditioning. 

By going to different environments where different people are and then FEELING how an environment feels physically is a practical way for Mental Projectors to know if it is correct or not for them to be in that environment. If the environment is correct, everything that happens in it is also correct.


The final Authority is the Moon Authority. This is the Authority of the Reflector. For Reflectors, there is no Center defined by means of a Channel. Reflectors are here to be conditioned and sample what specific conditioning is meant for them. They do this by waiting 28 days (one lunar cycle long) before making a decision. Each day there is a different energy that they experience and feel and the energy that feels right that is ultimately the correct decision. But for that, they have to go through all 28 days to experience that. In those 28 days, the reliable pattern of the moon going 

through all 64 Gates is the only thing that can give clarity to the Reflector in the process of decision making. It is very important for Reflectors to slow down and not be rushed by the world around them. Also for the Reflectors, with their undefined G-Centre (Identity), they need to be in the right place (environment) with the right people. This is important for their well-being. If the environment is right then they feel good, if the environment is not right then they do not feel good. Also for Reflectors it is helpful if they have people around them whom they trust and who they can use as a Sounboard to discuss or mirror during the lunar cycle in order to find their inner knowing and reach the deeper feeling of the correct decision for them.


The more we learn that our heads, our Mind, are not the place where we make the correct decisions, that we no longer let our mind interfere with our decision making, the more we start to live as our unique self. Our Mind can then be concerned with the value it has for the Other. As Outer Authority. Wherein the unique life force energy and true life purpose can be shared. A free Mind is a Liberated Mind.

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