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Published on 6 August 2022 at 00:52

Actually, within the Human Design system, everything starts with the aura.

Aura generally has a bit of a wishy washy 'new age' image. It is also called the Human Energy Field. In the last twenty-five years, a former NASA physics researcher, Barbara Brennan, among others, has done a lot of research on the MEV.

Within Human Design, the aura is of great importance. And there is nothing wishy washy about it. Humans are part of nature. The body is a complex composition of molecules and atoms, and thus susceptible to energy fields. The characteristic of energy is that it flows. And the way the energy flows determines within Human Design which Type you are and based on that which Strategy you should then apply to make decisions as yourself. Visually, this looks like this: 












This is a visualization that comes from Mary Ann Winiger. I have translated and edited it with her permission. For more background and information on her contributions within the Human Design Community, I am happy to refer you to her website:


Above you can see and read very clearly the differences between the four auras. And that also makes the essential difference between the four Types within Human Design. Below I will briefly explain the four types and also describe the effect of the aura. You can find an incredible amount about the aura and the types on the Internet so I will stick to the basics here and try to put it in practical terms. In the section Human Design for Children you can find more background information about how the distribution of the Types is in terms of percentages, in this section I will only go into the characteristics of the aura.


1. The Projector

The Projector is here to conduct energy. They have an aura which is focused on the other person. They investigate the other and penetrate the other. They are here to get to know themselves by investigating and guiding the other. When you are in conversation with a Projector you have all the attention. But the Projector's probing and focused energy and attention is not for everyone. The only one who the Projector can really tap into is the Generator. The open aura of the Generator allows the penetrating and focused aura of the Projector. But not unconditionally. A Projector can only truly do his or her guiding work with the Generator when the Projector is acknowledged and invited. Because the Projector of itself does not have a consistent Sacral life force energy, the relationship between the Projector and Generator is attractive. When the Projector is seen and acknowledged and invited, it can be a companion or guide with the help of the Sacral energy of the Generator. Projectors are here to wait for an invitation. That is the Strategy for the Projector to make decisions as itself. The Strategy and Authority are further explained in Making Decisions as Yourself.


2. The Generator (and the Manifesting Generator)

The aura of the Generator is wide open. There is no protection on it, it is open to anything and anyone. The aura has a size of two arm lengths in all directions (up, down, forward, back, and left and right). Visually, it is a kind of "bubble" that the Generators walk around in. An open and enveloping aura. The only protection the Generator has is to wait for something to come from outside themselves and respond to it. Self-initiating (i.e., from within the Mind) produces resistance. But waiting for life to come to them and then responding is the correct Strategy for the Generator. The Generator is here to wait until they can respond to something after which they can deploy their Sacral energy. Where I speak of Generators I also speak of the Manifesting Generators. The Manifesting Generators are Generators, they have the same aura, open and enveloping. The difference lies in the fact that Manifesting Generators have a Motor Center connected to the Throat Center through which they are able to immediately put their energy into action or manifestation. But even for the Manifesting Generator, the rule is: wait until you can respond, do not initiate yourself. If the Generator applies this Strategy of 'waiting until you can respond', then the energy has been correctly initiated. This is not about right or wrong in the moral sense of the word, but it is about using the Sacral energy correctly and that is different for each Generator: 'Human Design is the Science of Differentiation'. As a Generator, if you wait until you can respond you become receptive. That is why asking the yes/no question works so well with a Generator. The yes/no question (closed question) sets the Sacral motor in motion. It answers the question of whether or not there is energy for it. And if the energy is not there, then it really is not there. A Sacral "no" is an honest answer from the body. It is not personal, it is simply an answer from the body that at that moment the energy is not there for what is being asked. No more, no less. Purely mechanical.


3. The Manifestor

The aura of the Manifestor is closed and repelling. That sounds pretty harsh, but it has a purpose. The Manifestor is here to have impact. And the Manifestor makes that impact by initiating. And the Manifestor has an appropriate aura for that. The aura that says, "Get out of the way". This is the strongest aura of all the Types. It ensures that the Manifestor can push. They can push with this strong, closed and repelling aura. This protects the Manifestor so that they can go to things without being disturbed or getting in the way. But for this to happen, it is important for the Manifestor to inform others. This is the Strategy for the Manifestor. When the Manifestor informs others then it can do what it has to do. Then it makes an impact and receives no resistance. 


4. The Reflector

The Reflector has a sampling and protective aura. They take in a lot of energy, but it doesn't stick. It slips away from them. And that protects the Reflector because the Reflector is here to taste and experience communities and groups and their environment. A Reflector lives with the lunar cycle. They have to wait a lunar cycle of 28 days before they can make a decision. Each day they feel a different energy from the Transits that brings a piece to the decision making process for them. After 28 days, they have seen and experienced all the pieces and know what is the right decision for them. Precisely because Reflectors have no definition in their design, their aura is what protects them from making decisions that are not correct. They are very good at letting go and shaking off that which is not meant for them. 


Our auras begin to send out the right signal when we live our Strategy and honor our inner Authority. The frequency will change to our true frequency. It takes time to trust that we are communicating through our auras and that we are no longer following our Mind (intellect) and letting it determine what we do. The old way of communicating is the communication of our not-self, "telling the other" what they should do. But telling doesn't work. Because our aura and our mutual energetic communication is much stronger and more concrete than we may have been willing to see and acknowledge until now. 


Auras give us the wisdom we have had for a long time, but which we have suppressed and denied. And the Human Design System has been brought here to experiment with reclaiming your true self. And that starts with learning how to manage your energy field around you. Aura = Type = Strategy. The formula for an aligned and correct life as yourself.

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