Online products

Sometimes it's just nice to have something 'in hand' that doesn't necessarily mean you are looking for a whole coaching programme or guidance, but a few pointers that can take you further if you are interested in Human Design, but don't have the energy to go in-depth.

That is why I also offer short written BodyGraph analyses that you can order here. This is not a replacement for the guided analysis, as this often goes deeper into the personal questions at hand, but it is a fun yet practical teaser to get you excited or to get you a little bit started in your own Design. For each of these products I will need your birth details (date, time and place of birth), you can submit these via this link. As soon as I have received your details, to which, of course, the General terms and conditions and privacy apply, I will send you the order confirmation including invoice by e-mail and start working as soon as I have received payment.

As these products are all made by hand, you have to allow for processing time. This varies per product and is included in the product description.



In this handmade short 'speed analysis' I describe your Type, Strategy, Authority and your Profile. If you are looking for something that can give you quick insights into your decision-making and how to live as yourself, this is enough to do that. 


Elaboration time: 2 working days

In this handmade extended analysis, in addition to what I described in the Basic Analysis, I describe your Centers, your Channels and Gates (and thus what is defined and what is not defined) and your Incarnation Cross (Life Mission).


Elaboration time: 5 working days 

In this handmade Complete Analysis, I describe your Circuits and your Variables in addition to what I described in the Advanced Analysis. This is a holistic analysis that shows what connections there are in your Design and really gives you a deeper insight into who you are.


Elaboration time: 10 working days