The ladder

Published on 6 August 2022 at 03:18

The form of imagination.

I am no longer on the ladder to the top. That is not my place. What I have to do here is not in climbing my own ladder, but in seeing ladders of people around me. People who want to climb a ladder, are climbing or want to descend. It doesn't matter what theme the ladder has. It's the ladder of life. And so that can be a career or career theme. But also a personal development question. Or a spiritual question or a question in the area of relationships or health.

The role that I fulfill in this environment, the field of all the ladders and the people standing at those ladders, is the role of coach / teacher. With some I stand behind them, with others I go in front and yet others I encourage from the sidelines. The goal is always to provide the other with a tool with which they can climb their own ladder. The tool that helps and supports me in this is Human Design and my own Design. My higher purpose in life to help and support people and the choice I have whether or not I want to and can make a contribution here is for me to be in flow with myself and what I am here to do.

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