The Penta energy

Published on 6 August 2022 at 01:44

The Penta is that which is responsible for the way consciousness works.

It is the way in which the whole nature of the whole as we understand it is ordered. The Penta is an energetic manifestation of the coming together of auras, of magnetic energy fields. It sounds nice and wishy-washy, but it is anything but that. 

Where it is complicated enough for many of us to feel our own sensitivity in relation to the auras and energy of others, it is even more difficult to get a picture of it when it comes to the Penta energy. And yet, even if you don't understand it with your mind, by looking at it from the experience you have in your own family, or at work when you work in a group of 3, 4 or 5 it is already easier to see and understand because it allows you to understand why it works in some groups and doesn't work in some groups. 


The Penta is formed as soon as there is a group of three to five people. And in that case you are no longer talking about two individuals coming together and conditioning and influencing each other's design, but you are talking about a completely new form of energy that comes into being and that moves the auras of the individuals in that group 'to the outside' for a while. In this section I will try to explain this a little more clearly and I use the Penta of my own family for this purpose. 


I am a 5/1 Emotional Manifesting Generator, I am married to a 6/2 Self Projected Projector, and my husband and I have two daughters together (identical twins) who are both a 2/4 Emotional Generator. We form a Penta of four together as a family and it looks like this:

Looking at the above Penta of my family the figure in the middle is the Penta. And it is created when the auras of the (in this case) four individuals (my husband, our children and I) are together in a space. When we are together, we form definition in all Centers of the quantum BodyGraph that is in the lower left corner. Our family theme is 9-0 Safe at Home and I'll go into a little more detail about this in a moment. If we look at the figure in the middle, we see the Penta structure. In this Penta structure there are 12 Gates. And these Gates have a different meaning within the Penta than the Gates have in the individual BodyGraph. The Gates no longer speak only for the individual but for the group. Active Gates show the Collective forces and are also the points at which a group of people (have) connected with each other.

Good to know when it comes to the energy of a group ( Penta):

Group energy does not make individual energy (the definition in the individual body charts) disappear. In fact, if you really know how you are wired and put together in your individual energy, who you are and how you function as yourself, it will ensure that you maintain and preserve those strengths and that power when working in a group.

So with that, it can feel a bit like a dent in your ego when you see how your predominant energy shifts when you come into the group energy. This doesn't mean you have to feel less or that you don't have important things to contribute. We are all meant to contribute uniquely to ourselves and in a group. If you can embrace this and allow yourself to participate in groups in a way that feels right for you then you will get this energy and that power back.

There is no such thing as 'normal' or 'ideal' when it comes to analyzing the energy of a group or family. The Penta actually shows that 'normal' is really a fallacy and that we all have a unique fingerprint as a group. We don't choose our family, but we can choose how we interact in a family and celebrate the strengths and relationships that exist within these (sometimes challenging) structures.

The group energy:

Our basic Human Design chart teaches us all that we have a unique aura Type which shows how our energy is presented to the world and shows us the foundations that lie beneath our interactions (individual).

When we come together with another person ( Partnership), our individual energies come together and we can use each other's energy through the conditioning that takes place over a reciprocal. New forms of energy can be found in this that you would not have in your individual situation. Within Human Design we then speak of a 'Connection Chart'. 


However, if we come together in a group of 3, 4 or 5 people, then this is called The Penta within Human Design. This is a so-called 'transaural form', where through the fusion of all the individual auras present in that group, a completely new energetic framework is built. This framework is called THE Penta because it is a framework that is completely self-contained. The Penta consists of the Channels that connect the Throat to the G-Center (identity) and the G-Center to the Root.

You can see it this way that when you come into a group of 3, 4 or 5 people, your own definition is put in the shade for a moment and the definition you have in the Channels or the Gates that make up the Penta is put in the spotlight. In other words, your own activations and definition are still there, but the Penta puts them a little more into the background for a moment and sets the agenda.

The energy of the Penta moves in one direction, whereas the energy in the individual BodyGraph can move in any direction. So this is not true of the Penta. This energy moves like a Vortex.

The Penta has no energy Centers, but 'pentric zones' and acts as the puppet master of the group. The image below shows more visually how this energy flows. It starts at the bottom, then up through the middle and then back down through the left and right sides to start that movement again. Like a Vortex:

When the Penta is working optimally:

In order to read a family or household (or other type of group energy), it is important to know what the different Gates mean. This makes it possible to make an analysis of the Collective energy in the group:

Gate 15: Flow: also called the "glue" that holds the group together. This is a very magnetic energy that forces the group to build a strong foundation.

Gate 5: Home: how comfortable is the group in living at home? Pleasantly spending time together in a shared space.

Gate 14: Demands: Does the group have what it takes to succeed? This is primarily about capabilities.

Gate 2: Material: Does the group have the ability to generate material wealth and resources? Here we are mainly concerned with material resources. Can be money, but also other 'means of exchange', a 'full fridge'.

Gate 7: Future: Is there a plan ready? Where is the group going?

Gate 31: Discipline: Does the group have discipline and structure? Is there a balanced or unbalanced authority relationship?

Gate 46: Discovery: Does the group get along? Harmony among the group.

Gate 29: World: Does the group show up in the world in any significant way? Can the group have experiences outside the home that are enriching?

Gate 13: Past: How deep are the group's Roots? Do they feel connected to ancestors or the mythology of where they come from?

Gate 33: Tradition: What are the rituals of the group? Are they passed on from generation to generation? This includes taking pictures, keeping documents, and archiving history.

Gate 1: Present: Implementing the plan for the group. We have resources, we have what we need, now what are we going to do with it?

Gate 8: Demonstration: How should the group show up in the world? How do we make sure the group is respected within a larger community. 


The purpose of the Penta: (why is this happening?): 

The Penta is a form of energy that has survived from our prehistoric times. It comes from the time when our species was at the mercy of survival through the formation of a "tribe". Only by coming together in groups, or forming groups, did the chance of survival and continued development increase. In addition, this tribe was set up for reproduction. The DNA wants to make more DNA by reproducing. So the Penta encourages forming family and reproducing DNA by attracting differences. DNA is not interested in the same thing, DNA is attracted to 'the other', the difference. Because this makes the DNA stronger. In this respect we are not very different from our fellow inhabitants on this planet, plants and animals. We want to multiply. So the Penta ensures that we stay grounded in the importance of the physical structure we have been given and prevents us from totally isolating ourselves from the human experiences that are necessary to ensure the survival of our species. This also explains why we humans feel the need to be in groups and interact socially. The Program holds this concept together. Of note is that the Penta energy is not personal. This energy can be as subtle as a brick but it is not "anyone's fault" that this happens. So when there is a hassle in the Penta, it is not for each member individually to rationalize it and try to find a reason for it happening. It happens because it's in the Penta energy and that's it. Nothing more, nothing less. It's not about right or wrong, it IS. So if you know what the Penta energy of your family or household is, then this can give answers to tensions that are (have been) there and that this has (had) NOTHING to do with any of you individually. It is because of the Penta and that makes it possible to look at it in a much more loving way. The Penta arises. It is there. You can't change or influence it. But if you are aware of the fact that it IS there, then you can choose to go to the Penta energy in either low or high expression to experience it. 


Gaps in the Penta: 

Just as in a BodyGraph where not all Centers and Channels and Gates are defined, in the Penta there are usually also Gates that are not activated and thus have the potential for tension or conflict. These are called Gaps. And these Gaps are usually where the attention and focus goes, especially when one group compares to another. Think about: "Why can't we have a fun board game together like in my sister and brother-in-law's family?...". This is what the energy of the Penta does, it tries to fill in the Gaps with the MIND. From the non-self. But when, exactly as is the case with an open or undefined Center in your own indivudual BodyGraph, you place too much emphasis on that which is not there and identify with it, then you are wasting valuable energy. For what is not there is not there. The trick is to focus the energy on the definition and the energy that is THERE in the Penta and to use all that is in it and to accept and embrace what is NOT there, after all you have no control over it. It's not personal, it's nobody's fault, there's simply no consistent energy in that area and that's fine. A tip to approach a Gap in the Penta when you are stuck in the group energy is to step "out of the Penta energy" for a moment and have a 1-on-1 conversation in its place. For example, if in a school system you are missing Gate 31, the Gate of Discipline, then it is a hell of a job for the one in front of the class to 'keep order'. And the energy you waste doing this would be better spent on having a good conversation with the individual students rather than trying to 'discipline' the whole group. 


When the focus is on the Gaps or undefined Gates in the Penta: 

When the high expression of each of the Penta Gates creates a happy, pleasantly collaborative group where there is cohesion, the low expression creates the challenges. When the focus is on the Gaps or the undefined Gates in the Penta it looks as follows for each Gate: 

Gate 15: Flow: The group is rarely together. In a family this could be where children move and don't visit often, or friends drift apart. 

Gate 5: Home: Being at home or together in one space for an extended period of time is a challenge. This is where arguments can arise or just an undercurrent of discomfort. 

Gate 14: Demands: There is a constant feeling that there is never enough, whether that is true or not. The desire for more that cannot be satisfied. 

Gate 2: Material: Struggling with material resources can be a theme. This can also include 'feeling supported or cared for'. 

Gate 7: Future: There is very little direction in the group. Lots of questions around where things are going and a need for a plan. 

Gate 31: Discipline: Disorder can be a theme. Aggressive or violent behavior may also surface here in an attempt to assert authority. 

Gate 46: Discovery: Getting along as a group can be difficult. You may enjoy activities in pairs or like to go out together, but still do your own thing. Just don't force anything that requires everyone to be together at the same time. 

Gate 29: World: This is the classic "We never go out" energy. Staying at home or in a familiar space is the norm, which can lead to resentment over the inability to get out into the world together. 

Gate 13: Past: There is a chance of a break with past generations here or visiting with older members of the group can be a burden. 

Gate 33: Tradition: Holidays can be a challenge. There is little consistency with keeping traditions and while that can cause tension, it can also mean creating a new tradition each year. 

Gate 1: Present: poor planning is the name of the game. Either something is always forgotten or fortunes are gambled away. This is where executing all the success elsewhere in the chart can break down if you let it. 

Gate 8: Demonstration: It may be very important to you to show those around you how beautiful, distinguished, or expensive the group's stuff is, but this energy promises that something will always be slightly wrong. Pressure to show off outwardly will be a problem here, let the kids wear what they want and everyone will be much happier. 


When you are aware of the Penta: 

Remember that when you are aware of the energy in the Penta of your family or household (or team in a work environment), that the Gaps and definition give you wisdom. You know where the challenges are and how to deal with them in the uniqueness and individuality of each member of the Penta by embracing the differences and showing that it's okay to not have to meet all the social standards exactly. When you are aware of the environment in which we operate then it is also possible to see, appreciate and recognize the unique needs of each individual in that group. When you as an individual know which Gates you bring into the Penta then you can also see what role you assume in the Penta and where your valuable contribution is to the Collective energy. It does not mean that you ALWAYS have to fulfill that role and all responsibility for it lies on your shoulders, but there is a good chance that your contribution in that Gate can bring that energy to life and support it. The upper placements in the Throat (Throat/G) are the leading placements, so if you have many Gates in those regions you will often take the leading role in the Penta, if you have more placements in the lower region of the Penta (G-Root) then you will prefer to be led rather than take the lead yourself. The left side of the Penta is mainly about the future and the right side of the Penta is mainly about the past. Wherever you feel most comfortable given your placements and then communicating that to the group allows you to use your strengths and strengths as optimally as possible because there are no expectations in areas where your strengths may not be consistently present. 


Deconditioning in the Penta:

Just as deconditioning in the individual chart takes time to experiment with and learn from, so does deconditioning in the Penta. It is not a linear path, each has his or her own process and path to walk, it is not a competition or contest. 

  • Start by becoming aware of your definition and the Gaps; 
  • Feel the experience of the group energy and what you contribute to it; 
  • Respect the energy that is there and speak from your own truth in what places in the Penta it hurts or where it creates tension; 
  • Remember that at all times you are and remain an individual and that you have your own unique chart; 
  • Experience step by step and over time that you become more empowered and more secure as you find new ways to love and accept the way the group operates. 


A practical example of a Penta analysis of my own family:


As I indicated in the introduction to this section, I would show an example of a Penta analysis using my own family. Recalling the image of our Penta, it is small if you click on it you will get an enlargement of the image or if that is not possible just scroll up again.

Our energetic family agenda is formed by this transauric Penta. We separately as individuals have strong definitions and design ( in which my husband and I have more open and undefined Centers than our children). This, in conjunction with each other, creates a fully defined BodyGraph with 9 Centers defined and 0 undefined (see BodyGraph below left). Yet the Penta energy shows a few red boxes that are empty. These are the Gates in which none of our family is defined in the individual BodyGraph and thus 'missing' in the Penta energy. First, returning to our family theme 9-0 Safe at Home (the quantum BodyGraph on the lower left). The 9 stands for the nine defined Centers in the quantum of the family BodyGraph and the 0 then speaks for itself, there are no open or undefined Centers. This means that when we are together we naturally feel safe at home. There is no need for "outside interference. Our family is complete. It is an aura where 'externals' are not really welcome. This is not to say that we don't think that outsiders are welcome, but the Penta gives a definition where it can be felt that way for 'outsiders'. We feel secure and safe within the family and comfortable as a family unit. A family of four is comfortable because no one is ever left out or 'alone' as in a family of three. If the mother talks to the father, then the children can talk to each other. So this provides a kind of family stability because 'being alone' in a family is always a challenge and that doesn't happen with us (in principle). The Penta has it right for a family of four when it comes to the drive for success and income. Synchronicity regarding success and income is more and more prevalent here. This gives confidence that no matter what happens something will always come our way that will allow us as a family to have enough income that ensures our survival. When I saw this it gave me a very nice feeling of security as a mother and that is very nice for my line 1 in my profile which calls for a good foundation and basis for safety and security. Especially in the current times we find ourselves in, this is really something I feel supported by.

The PentaGaps (those are the red boxes) bring other challenges that I will come back to later, but the foundation of a family of four with a 9-0 family theme is that it feels stable, safe and secure and that there is no pressure felt to have to go outside to socialize. There does remain a dynamic that someone, as an outsider, may not feel welcome in our family when they walk into our home, but that need not be a barrier. Knowing this, it is also primarily something we can then do something about ourselves. But what does the Penta bring to our family? The 'left leg' of the Penta is about living inside the house. Gate 15 is the glue that holds the family together and Gate 5 shows that as a family we have our own family culture. Within our family, we do things the way we see fit. These are our patterns and habits and they are well represented. The children and I bring in the energy of the family patterns and habits and my husband and the children provide the bonding energy that holds this family together. The right leg of the Penta is about how the family presents itself to the outside world. And that's where we see the first Gap appear.

My husband provides the harmony in our family, his harmony energy ensures that we have a good time together and that we can be in harmony. Our family is missing Gate 29. The energy that makes us go out in the world for inspiration and experiences that can be enriching. If we were to put our attention on this from the shadow side, it would mean that there could be tensions on the 'we never go out'. Staying at home as the norm. And this can cause resentment and hassle at the times when things get tense in a family situation. When I look at the last two years we spent in Covid time, staying home was indeed the norm from the social field. What I have noticed is that as a family we were able to live with this just fine. Despite the fact that as a family we also like to go out. We are not world travelers as a family. And so that also corresponds to how the Penta energy is formed within our family. But for us this is actually never a big issue. We can be fine together in one house, there is enough space to withdraw ourselves from time to time if we feel the need. And for my husband, as a projector in a house full of generator energy, that is also really healthy. We respect each other in this and that makes it no tension or hassle.

My husband and I together take care of the energy in the middle of the Penta. I bring in the energy that provides the capabilities to succeed as a family and my husband brings in the energy where these capabilities can be converted into resources (both material and non-material). This does mean that if one of us is absent this can create a field of tension within our family. But as long as we are complete this is not a point of concern and my husband is also the one who, now that the means and the capacities are present, brings in the energy of the plan for the present, what exactly are we going to do with these means. How do we deploy it, what do we spend it on and how do we give substance to life within our family.

It is very clear from our family energy that we are living in the NOW. For we lack the energy for the plans for the future and the lessons of the past. Especially now that we are dealing with the challenge of illness in our family (my husband has had cancer for five years and is holding up wonderfully) this is also not where the tension arises. We are content with what is there NOW and the future is uncertain anyway and therefore not an issue (anymore). Fear exists in the past and in the future but not in the NOW. My husband also brings the energy to present us to the outside world as a family in the Penta. I recognize that there is no lack of wanting to measure ourselves against how we should present ourselves to the outside world and how we are doing in this compared to others in our surrounding community. We actually have no pressure in this to pretend to be different or better than how we are and who we want to be. We follow our own family path and it feels right for all of us.

What we do lack is family discipline. A disorderly mess is quite something I recognize but it plays no role in whether or not we function well or whether or not there are common rules and laws that we follow as a family. There is also no fight between us about 'who is the boss', we all bring in our peculiarities and our strengths and we don't have to prove ourselves to each other. 

The children and I bring in the energy of the rituals and traditions. Many photos and videos are taken within our family and that also says something about capturing the moments we experience together as a family. The disorderly jumble does mean that we are not entirely disciplined in keeping all this together in all kinds of scrapbooks or other orderly ways, but making memories together is mainly something you store in your head and in your body. And is that not also the purpose of life?

What this analysis has brought me is to see that although we have quite a few Gaps in our Penta it can function just fine if you don't put the full focus on it from the mind and from conditioning. The Penta tends to make us materialistic and greedy in its manifestation, but when you can look at this with a warm and loving gaze and transform this into another form of possession that is not about the material things but about the immaterial things then it is not about greed but about fulfillment. And then it also becomes clear that what you have attracted each other to is also what you sometimes need to discuss or reflect on in order to gain the insight that everything that IS actually IS and that you don't need to DO as much about it.

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5 months ago

I thank you for this article, it is very interesting and well-written. Allowed me to understand a lot since I didn’t have much knowledge about Pentas before. :)

I have a question however, what happens when a member of a group or family has no penta gate? Is it usual that they feel left out or isolate themselves from the group?
Asking because this is the case of one of my brothers and he is a bit on his own. Also stopped talking to us since 2 years even though we still live in the same house (with my other brother and my mother).
Thanks again and have a good day ☀️