Animals and their design

Published on 8 August 2022 at 12:29

For many years animals have been part of our human lives.

We are closely associated with our fellow planet dwellers and have often developed a very close relationship with them. We also see that one animal reacts differently from another. And this has everything to do with how an animal is designed.

Because animals, plants and even things have a unique design. And when I came across a piece by a lady from the United States who had researched Ra Uru Hu's insights into mammalian design, I started to look into it. All kinds of questions came to mind (yes, open head and Ajna, that's what you get) and to prevent it from going in all directions I looked at how the design of our Malinois male Ygor looks like and what this means.

Source: "The Mammalian Design System", Ra Uru Hu, Edited by Eleanor Haspel Portner, PhD, 2002 Rave Life Sciences.



Mammals can be of great value to humans with their design. They can provide the opportunity for humans to become a partner in defining our health system, our immune system, making us feel better about ourselves. Mammals can play an important role in our lives and well-being. 

Mammalian Design is about respecting animals. When we understand the Design of our animals then we know who is part of our lives. When an animal is comfortable in its own life, when it is given the space to live its own Design, then we can build a healthy and enjoyable relationship with that animal. If an animal is taken away from its Design and cannot live as it was naturally intended and is conditioned against its nature, then this creates difficulties for both the animal and us. When the exact time of birth of the mammal is known then the connection between man and animal can be made. And that provides truly breathtaking insights.



The BodyGraph of a mammal looks different to that of a human.

First of all, a mammal has far fewer Gates and Channels than a human. Animals have 15 Gates where humans have 64 ( Hexagrams). In addition, mammals operate in a different "field" than humans. Mammals operate in a horizontal field and they have a different structure. The structure of animals is horizontal; that of humans is vertical.  Whereas humans (except for the Reflectors) are imprinted primarily by the neutrinos of the sun, mammals are imprinted by the moon. In humans the planets matter, in mammals they do not. There only the Gates and any Channels matter. A mammal has something that can never occur in a human, namely a BodyGraph in which no gate is activated. That does not exist in humans.



The image below shows the BodyGraph of a mammal. To the left of it are the Gates and to the top right are the Lines and their respective keynotes.

There are 15 Gates in the BodyGraph of mammals. These Gates can be broken down into three sets of 5 Gates. The Gates colored in blue in the image above function as a bridge (or communication portal) between the species (human and animal). In other words, gate 62 (the Alpha), gate 12 (metamorphosis) and gate 19 (territory) are specifically and directly the link between mammals and humans. Mammals are designed to meet people. And this meeting of humans they do so therefore through the three primary Gates mentioned above (Gates 62, 12 and 19). In other words, there are three different ways that mammals meet people. They are also the only three Gates of the total 15 Gates of a mammal that do not form a complete Channel. The other 12 Gates can (57-20, 27-50, 5-15, 42-53, 1-8, 38-28). Thus, to form a Channel in the three primary Gates, a mammal must meet a human.

The way we make contact as humans with a mammal is the same as we do among ourselves as humans. We make contact through our aura and "plug our definition into that of the mammal" and vice versa. So since most animals are Reflectors, this also makes it clear why the domestic dog reacts differently with one owner then with another. I will come back to this later when I show the design of our dog Ygor in a connection chart with Alwin and me.

Looking at Gate 19 and Gate 12, these point to the Solar Plexus center (the emotional system). Mammals do not have a Solar Plexus and they experience the Solar Plexus on the one hand as very disturbing but on the other hand also as very attractive. The Solar Plexus with its powerful wave can be overwhelming for a mammal. Both in the high and in the low. The absorption of this powerful energy creates that disturbance and the attraction of it.

The 62nd gate points to the Ajna center. Mammals do not have this center either. So the connection with humans makes that a mammal can be able to make a connection with the mental field of humans.



As in the BodyGraph of man, the Gates of the mammals have Lines and have a Hexagram structure. The Hexagram of the mammals also consists of two Trigrams. A Lower Trigram and an Upper Trigram. 

The Lower Trigram:

Lines 1, 2 and 3, as in humans, represent the inner process. Mammals that have these three Lines in their design are not equipped in easily dealing or making contact with an outsider. No matter if this is another animal, an enemy or a human. This means that they will always be a little surprised or shocked in meeting something unexpected. This comes from the Channel 15-5, Rhythm, the Channel of being in the flow. Nature is deeply rooted in this Channel. This Channel establishes patterns through diversity. Mammals need patterns. They live by a pattern. This also makes it easy for them to be disturbed in this pattern. Animals with a Lower Trigram (Line 1, 2 or 3) tend to be more easily disturbed in this pattern than animals with an Upper Trigram (Line 4, 5 or 6) because they do not expect something to be "on the other side" and are not ready for it. So it surprises them. 

The Upper Trigram:

This is where the transpersonal possibility comes in. Animals with Lines from the Upper Trigram (4, 5 and 6) make easier contact with other animals or people. And not only do they make contact more easily, they integrate with them more easily. This means that a pet with an Upper Trigram can generally adapt better to the family than a pet which has a Lower Trigram.  The latter is more concerned with itself than with the others around it. Again, it depends on the individual design of both the pet and the people in the family. But a pet with an Upper Trigram seems more likely to be more social than one with a Lower Trigram. 



I describe the keynotes of the Lines in the Lower Trigram and the Upper Trigram in the overview below.

Line 1 – Covert/Secret (Stealth)

The first Line represents the pure nature of the hexagram and therefore what the animal is. A mammal with a Line 1 is insecure because it doesn't know what else is out there. It will be very cautious, sneaky and want to stay away from hassles and problems. It will be invisible in that sense. As if it is not there. It will first smell everything to explore it. Wanting to create a basis by which it knows if it is really safe before it will make a move. Caution is in the pricking up of the ears when it has taken a step and if there is even the slightest hint of danger it will retreat. A dog that has a Line 1 in its design will bite in that context, from its nature if it does not feel safe or its safety is threatened.

Line 2 – Mystery

These are the animals that are always seen. A deer with a Line 2 in its design is seen by the predator and eaten. That's what it is. They are seen. This also makes them the most unpredictable. They seem very nice and sweet and quiet, paying no attention to others. But appearances are deceiving. They can surprise the other one. Just out of the blue. The dog that you think is very sweet can proceed to attack or bite you straight out of the blue. Mammals with a Line 2 also tend to be timorous and skittish. This is an inherent genetic predisposition. They are not prepared for what can happen outside, so they can be very nervous.

Line 3 – Struggle

Line 3 is about trial and error. Animals that have a Line 3 tend to be very stubborn. This makes an animal that has a lot of Line 3 in its design more difficult to domesticate. These animals learn by trial and error and if you try to train these animals 'by the book' you may be very disappointed. Sometimes only after a year or two of training do they understand what you mean. So it takes perseverance and trust in the design of the animal from the human. In nature, these are the animals that discover things. They find things that other mammals don't find because they go through a trial and error process. They challenge certain patterns in certain situations.

Line 4 – Influence

The fourth Line has an established quality. This Line represents in mammals the quality of Influence. These are the animals that have their own established pattern and nature that they do not deviate from. A pet with a Line 4 is really complicated. Because they have 'their own set head'. They will not deviate from this easily. But because of the transpersonal nature of the Line 4, it is worthwhile to put energy on this in the mutual contact. Maybe there is a way, a common way of dealing with each other after all. The animals with Line 4 have influence over other animals. They take charge of other animals. More often than not, they seem to be the ones who grab the position of authority within a group of animals. The Leaders of the Pack.

Line 5 – Challenge

Mammals are much more impressed with 4th Line mammals than 5th Line mammals. 5th Lines carry a projection field. This means that outsiders (both other animals and humans) always project onto the 5th Line animal. And this projection is about the content of the Hexagram. What it stands for. For example, if an animal has Gate 38 in Line 5, then fierceness or impetuosity is projected onto that animal. Without it being aware of it. This projection field attracts the attention of others. And the other's projection need not be true. The fifth Line animals are projected onto. Whether it is true or not. If in a litter of kittens there is a kitten with a 5th Line in its design it will be said, "Ooh this one is really so cute!". Whether that is true or not, it is the projection that takes place.

Line 6 – Separation

Line 6 is the bridging of what it is to be mammalian and what it is to be human. It is an aspect and a recognition of separation. And in essence, this is the discovery of individuation. An animal that wears the Line 6 will be aloof from most of the activities around it. This separation, this movement away from the herd or the pack, is the ability to define their own place, whatever that may mean at their level. In this it is important to see that there is both an anti-social quality and the possibility of metamorphic social connection in the 6th Line. These are the animals that we wonder about "What are they thinking about? We have the idea that they are different from others. That's what the 6th Line shows.



The hexagrams of mammals follow a pattern based on the three sectors I described at the beginning. It begins with the Territory (gate 19), then the Metamorphosis (gate 12) and finally the Alpha (gate 62). 


The Gates (and Channels) of the Territory (Food)

  • Gate 19 - The gate of Approach. This is a portal where different species can connect (cross species gate). Here the mammal can make an energetic connection with a human and form the Channel 19-49. A mammal that has an activation in the 19th gate has a strong sense of territory or urge. For animals, the territory is where they can find their food that they need. Fencing off the territory means that they want to reduce the risk of losing food. Territory equals food. A dog that has gate 19 activated will exhibit strong territorial behavior and will not tolerate others in his (or her) territory. Depending on the Line in which that 19th gate is located, you can see how the animal will react territorially. Because gate 19 is a cross species gate, this is also the gate that shows that mammals are designed to have a territory that is supported by humans. Humans provide the animals with a territory in which there is food and drink. With this, the mammals voluntarily accept the support of humans on food and drink and that territory. A territory where humans and animals live together provided there is a supply of food and drink for the animal. The territory is formed by gate 19 and gate 49 and since mammals do not have gate 49 if they do not establish a relationship with a human, a special connection between humans and animals is created here. The animals have a protected environment and are fed, and they give humans something in return by selectively sacrificing themselves when humans need to be fed. This is the deal between humans and animals in Channel 19-49. 
  • Channel 53-42 is the Channel of the natural maturing (growing up) of the animal. This is a format energy, it is the Channel of life in a cycle. Beginning, middle, end.  
    • Gate 53 is the gate of Freedom. An animal that has an activation in this gate cannot be locked up properly. This one will want to feel its freedom. If you lock up animals with this gate, it will result in the possibility of a depression for that animal. And given the reciprocal conditioning of humans and animals, this depression will be able to transfer to humans if they come into the aura of this animal. So when you see the activation of gate 53 in the design of a mammal, it is important to let it grow up as wild as possible so that it can experience its natural process of growing up. 
    • Gate 42 is the gate of Maturity. A mammal with activation in this gate needs the full process of maturing. Sterilization of a cat with this gate can produce depression in that cat because it cannot experience the full cycle of growing up if it cannot give birth to a litter of kittens. Or if you don't allow a cat to hunt for example. This is part of the natural process of growing up. Other animals that do not have this gate activated can be sterilized but for animals with gate 42 this causes a lot of trouble and a miserable life. 
  • Channel 38-28 is the Channel of struggle, of stubbornness. For mammals, this is the Channel that manages the immune system. The right to exist and the capacity to survive is located here in the Spleen Center. For mammals, this Channel represents learning the skills they need to hunt and in other areas so they can succeed in their fight for survival. Only then will they feel like they are living their natural life. 
    • Gate 38 is the gate of fierceness, of impetuosity. This is fierce energy, it does not mean that they are vicious, it says something about their appearance. This is where the saying "barking dogs seldom bite" comes from.  Fierceness can also be a way of coping with fear. Animals that have a Line 1, 2 or 3 in an activated gate 38 will, when experiencing fear, be able to be more fierce than animals that have a Line from the Upper Trigram (4, 5 or 6).
    • Gate 28 is very important to animals, this is a fear gate and this fear gate is the foundation of consciousness. It is the key to survival. This gate is the basis of their acoustic abilities. Of their hearing. How well they can hear determines their chances of survival. Every animal, whether domesticated or not, before they do anything, have a moment of silence, a moment in which they try to tune in to whether the environment is safe or not. An animal that has this gate activated is anxious. These are always acoustically alert. In gate 28, fear is the basis of consciousness and that makes an animal with an activation in this gate an intelligent creature. An animal with gate 28 learns something because of fear. An animal with gate 38 can be clumsy and fierce, but an animal with gate 28 is the very foundation of mammalian intelligence.


The Gates (and Channels) of Metamorphosis (friendship)

  • Gate 12: The gate of Metamorphosis. This is the only social Gate within the mammalian structure. This is the Gate that works cross species, just as Gate 19 did. But the relationship between humans and animals here is not about territory and the deal, but here is about the friendship between humans and animals.  Animals with activation in Gate 12 are not looking for support for a territory but for an individual connection. This is where humans and animals interact socially. It is also the Gate of caution. An animal can make contact with the emotion of the human. An animal with this Gate is very cautious in approaching and comes when invited. Before an animal with this Gate trusts a human, a long time has passed and every step in which that trust is betrayed means the end of the approach. Caution then takes over. 
  • Channel 50-27 is the Channel of Reproduction. "Make more." 
    • Gate 27: the Gate of Herding or Forming a pack. An animal with this Gate likes to be surrounded by things and does not like to be in an environment where it is alone. There must be some form of community for animals with this Gate. For these animals it does not matter whether that is a herd of its own species or for example the family in which it lives. 
    • Gate 50 is the Gate of Sexuality. These are animals that can be very successful in mating, producing offspring. Animals with this Gate are very sexually incLined, even when kept in captivity. These are also the animals that, when in a family and unable to satisfy this sex drive, may exhibit riding behavior on "anything that gets in front of them." ....
  • Channel 5-15, the Channel of Rhythm, of being in the flow. This Channel is universal in all forms of life, down to the cellular level. An animal that has defined Channel 5-15 can dominate the entire life of a human being. These are the animals that have their own flow of life. This Channel has a very high pull and when you have an animal in your home with this Channel, it draws the whole family into its flow of life. An animal with this Channel can put a baby to sleep who does not want to sleep by lying down with it and going to sleep. The baby will fall asleep shortly thereafter as well. That is how strong the attraction and conditioning of that Channel is. The other side of this is that when you go on vacation and you leave a dog with this activation it feels very uncomfortable because it doesn't know when the family is going to come back home and be disturbed. Animals have no concept of time so therefore time is very complicated for them.


The Gates (and Channels) of the Alpha (the worker)

  • Gate 62 is the Gate of the worker. For a long time animals were our workers, the ones who made our work easier (horses for the carriage or the plow, dogs as guards of the house). But humans, with the rise of machines and industrialization, no longer depend on the muscular strength of animals. So mammals no longer have jobs. People no longer depend on animals for transportation and how to get around. But there are still mammals that have activated this Gateway of the Worker and thus need an outlet to fulfill this purpose. Animals are barred from the circus, but if these animals have in their design Gate 62 then make them happy by giving them an outlet that they may work for humans. Of course this is swearing in church these days, but if you have respect for how our designs work and what it can mean then this taboo on circus animals may become a lot less. Animals are not aware of time because time is a mental thing, but Gate 62 offers animals the opportunity to connect with humans through Gate 17 allowing humans to teach animals what time is by conditioning them on future patterns. Gate 62 allows humans to train animals. Training occurs because once you establish a predictable pattern, the animal relies on that pattern even though it exists in a future moment and does not exist in the now. This is Pavlovian conditioning and its variants. The sound of opening a can conditions an animal that it will be fed at a particular time. It thereby learns about the future although it does not conceptualize "the future". The animal simply recognizes patterns. An animal that comes to a human through Gate 62 is a very special creature. Humans anthropomorphize (attribute human characteristics to the animal) the animal's intelligence. They teach it a trick and say, "What a smart animal huh?" But what is actually taught is confidence in the future of the world. If an animal knows the pattern and has predictable evidence that it works, it links that to the future. There is a clock 'built into' every single cell of all living things. It is the clock that works according to 'ebb and flow'. The biological clock. So people train animals 'time'. And they do that by teaching the animal 'tricks'. An animal that has Gate 62 activated, it is very important that it has something to do. That it can work for something. And that you train it. Even if it is only to teach and train tricks. This is important for this animal because an animal with Gate 62 as a being will not be fulfilled in its relationship with you unless you put it to work. Have the dog fetch the newspaper every day, or something of that nature, this will allow it to fulfill its natural nature of being a "worker. And this creates a very strong bond between the human and this animal. Look at what a service dog with Gate 62 activated can do for its owner. When it is allowed to fulfill its natural nature in being a service dog. The thought alone is heartwarming.
  • Channel 20-57 is the Channel of the Brainwave, the Penetrating Consciousness. 
    • Gate 20 is the Gate of Being Present/Presence. Animals who have this Gate activated are intensely present in their process. They are naturally designed to be existential, to live in the NOW. An animal that has Gate 20 activated is more difficult to train because they are very much in their existential process, being in the moment, that's what living in the NOW entails.
    • Gate 57, the other side of Gate 20 is the Gate of Consciousness. And out of this Gate comes the intelligence of every mammal. This is an acoustic Gate and it has the capacity to understand acoustic signals. Where an animal with Gate 62 learns by repetition, an animal with Gate 57 learns precisely by recognizing acoustic signals. Gate 57 has the natural intelligence to learn from what it hears. The tone is very important because they recognize it. The sound of grrrrr that you make to a puppy when you don't want it to do something will remain a recognizable sound to this dog throughout its life. It is the acoustic sound by which it was conditioned. Mammals with the Gate 57 activated are able to link sounds to events and it learns in the moment. It learns by being aware of its master and responding to it in the moment. So these animals don't need to be trained, they do this by themselves. It is very rare for animals to have this activation. Most mammals have a Reflector Design. But if you have an animal that does have this Channel activated (or these Gates) it is a very intelligent and responsive being in the NOW. It is very present and mindful. This is a very smart animal. However, an animal that has activated this Channel without having activated port 28 can be extremely selfish and not listen to you when it is busy with something else. 
  • Channel 8-1 is the Channel of inspiration, of the creative role model. This is an individual Channel and can cause mutation. And within the animal world, mutation (or change) occurs in a group by example. There is one who discovers something and the rest of the pack or herd adopts it (if it is something that benefits). These are the animals that set an example for their peers. If it is a successful change that benefits the herd then the animal that has set the example is the leader, if it is not successful or has no value then the animal is removed from the herd or driven out. In the nest, an animal that carries this Channel is the one that does not "fit in among the others" and will be taken away or abandoned by the mother. Not all changing abilities are easily accepted....
    • Gate 1 is about individuality. This is the animal that goes or wants to go its own way. The Lone Wolf. This is not the Leader of the Pack, for that is the Alpha, the animal with Gate 62 who leads the pack in the right direction. The Alpha knows the patterns and how the pack can survive in safety, but also sees the abilities of the animal Channel 8-1 who can find something that is outside the pattern but can bring more prosperity or well-being to the pack or herd. 
    • Gate 8 contributes to the direction for the whole. Animals with this Gate are the guiding or accompanying force for the direction the group is going. This is of great importance to the animal kingdom because the location or environment an animal is in is so incredibly important to animal evolution. Being present in the wrong environment can lead to extinction of a species.



When a human has an activation in 1 of the three cross species Gates, Gate 62 or Gate 17, Gate 12 or Gate 22, Gate 19 or Gate 49, mammals are potential companions of that person. And beyond companionship, when the relationship with an animal activates the cross species Gates, it triggers a deep process that is part of a larger evolutionary matrix.

That is, there is reciprocal conditioning between humans and animals in the exchange of energy in the auras that come together. If you as a human have Channel 28-38 defined in your Design, then you make all your mammals more aggressive, more prepared for struggle in their process. They become fiercer and more impetuous when they are around you. When you as a human have defined Channel 20-57 then you bring the mammals into a field of consciousness in the NOW.

The connection we can make with animals goes energetically the same way we make it with fellow humans. We have Electromagnetic connections, we have Dominance connections and we have Compromise connections with them. So this again clearly shows how valuable and fulfilling the presence of an animal in the life of the human being can be. For example, an animal that can, through its Design, define the Spleen Center of a human with an undefined Spleen Center can cause them to feel more comfortable in their skin and less vulnerable to conditioning and holding on to things that are not good for them. Part of the animals' job then is to make the human feel good (and vice versa). 

Mammalian Design can mean so much to the relationship between humans and animals. With most of the mammals have a Reflector Design. These are the easiest animals to have in the house. But once an animal has definition in his or her Design then things become different. To have a fulfilled and good life the animal must fulfill its definition, its Design. These are the animals that are less easy to have as pets. If they are allowed to be who they are allowed to be. That requires more insight and understanding of the animal's fixed Design. Mammals that are completely open (no Gate activated) or the Reflectors, are open to the conditioning pattern of whoever is in their life. These animals easily fit into any home where they begin to act like their owners and adopt the persona of the conditioning field around them. In which the way the animal is conditioned may differ from person to person in the family because different activations may take place in that connection. To make this a little clearer, I compared the Design of our Malinois Ygor to my own Design and to Alwin's Design. Because I understand Ygor's Design, I can now also understand what happens when Ygor and I are together and when Ygor and Alwin are together. The differences are very enlightening and fun to see.



Before I try to interpret the connections between Ygor and me here are the keynotes that go with the Gates of mammals:

The BodyGraph of Ygor

As the image below shows, Ygor is a Reflector. He has all the centers in his BodyGraph open and only has Gate 15 in the Identity Center (G-center). Since Gates in an undefined center are dormant and only become active when the center they are in is defined (by the aura of another) Ygor will only attract others or act like an Alpha when there is definition in the Identity or G-center.

Since it is nice to know how this Gate 15 will manifest in him, it is important to look at the Lines in which this Gate sits. Gate 15 is in the Design-North node in Line 2 (Mystery) and in the Personality-North node in Line 1 (Secretiveness/Secret). Since in the BodyGraph of mammals the Gate activations are the key and not the planets we don't need to go into this in depth.

Ygor himself has no Channels defined in the three groups (Territory, Metamorphosis or Alpha), which makes Ygor a fine dog to have in the house. He will adapt and be conditioned by the people who live and come to his house, there is no need for him to fulfill his own life in a predestined, defined way.


The Territory Group

Thus, Ygor's Gate activation is twice in Gate 15, consciously and unconsciously. Ygor has no activation in the Territory group and thus will naturally show no territorial drive when he is on his own. The other Gates in this group that mainly relate to fear, fierceness or impetuosity, maturation and freedom are not an issue for him. In this he has no fixed definition that shapes him. These territorial traits can be nice though if you are looking for a real watchdog that will guard the house without hesitation. It's not to say that Ygor won't guard our home or pounce if a stranger enters our home, but it's not his natural trait. And that for a Malinois known as a vigilant dog....

The Alpha Group

The same goes for the Alpha group. There too, Ygor has no activation and so he will not naturally be incLined to want to work hard or feel the need to be trained. Ygor does not need to be taught tricks or put to work to satisfy his sense of fulfillment. He can entertain himself perfectly well on his own and that is evident when he is in the garden. He goes on the trampoLine to roll around on his own or he plays with an old bucket that he throws in the air and catches again. Individuality has no value to him in the sense of the changing effect of it for the pack or herd (or his family). He has no inherent need to get rid of his energy, to want to satisfy maturing through a cycle in which he hunts for survival and to want to give direction or take charge. While he can be very present when awake, he can also be completely invisible when he is comfortably asleep.


The Metamorphosis Group

In this group, Ygor does have an activation, at least, when he is in the presence of an aura which activates the dormant Gate 15. This Gate is in the group which is about friendship in the relationship between humans and animals. So Ygor is a dog who enters into a friendly relationship with us as humans. Gate 15 in mammals is the Gate of Diversity, also called the Gate of animal magnetism, animal attraction. So he naturally attracts other animals and humans. I also notice this when I take him for a walk (I activate his Gate 15 through my Gate 5), because animals always come to him. He is always on a leash and animals that are not on a leash come looking for him, not the other way around. He then remains calm and lets others sniff and smell at him. Only then does he investiGate the others. He is naturally friendly, but when other dogs approach him aggressively he puts up his comb and can act like an Alpha. He does this with specific dogs and knows exactly on the walking route where these dogs are. I can tell by looking at him, because if we get close to that spot where such an 'enemy' is then he already puts up a comb. If that dog happens not to be there, then he lowers his comb again. It is very funny to see. I have to hold him firmly, because he really wants to assert himself. From very calm and inquisitive waiting, he changes into a fierce, dominant and attacking Alpha dog. From one extreme to the other. Unconsciously Port 15 Line 2 is activated and consciously in Line 1. That is, the behavior is mainly out of insecurity because he doesn't know what is happening on the outside. He is concerned with himself and not with others. So when suddenly another person appears in his aura it surprises him. He is cautious and prefers not to be seen in his animal magnetism. He will not naturally take the first step toward another animal unless that animal conditions him to do so. Yet Ygor does have to deal with this, because the other Line that colors Gate 15 with him is Line 2 and that is the Line of Mystery. The Design Line stems from his ancestry. It is quite possible that his grandfather or grandmother was an animal that was always seen, who in appearance were attractive to others. Line 2 animals are always seen. And so he is seen in his attractiveness. Ygor is a beautiful dog. He has a nice strong physique and a beautiful black mask. His eyes are really light brown and especially outside they impress others. Many people tend to walk a bow around him.

This Line makes sure that he can be unpredictable. And I recognize that too. You have to keep an eye on him constantly, because if he sees a heron or a goose and your mind is not on it, he is already on top of it. It's the combination of the caution and wanting to feel safe in his environment with the seen in his attraction that cause me to never let him out unleashed. This has nothing to do with trust, but when Ygor is outside he is with himself and no one else. I walk with him and there is a Line between us that ties us together. But that is also the only thing. When he rolls out the Line he is outside my aura and therefore in his own world. Then he also doesn't hear anything at all. And I understand now that this is not because he doesn't want to listen or that he is not obedient, but it is because he is not designed that way. In the beginning I wanted to train him to walk at foot, with a hanging leash, very well behaved and obedient. That didn't work out for the best. When I gave him space by using a walk-out leash that allows him to create space for himself it went very well. Now I just have to stand still and he comes running to me and walks next to me when we have an oncoming traffic. I now understand exactly where that comes from. How cool is that? 

By looking at the connection chart between Ygor and me I can go a little deeper into this.

As a Pro member of Genetic Matrix I can make a connection chart between humans and animals. In connection with me this looks like this:

On the left side you see my BodyGraph and on the right side the BodyGraph of Ygor. In the middle you see what the aura of Ygor does with my definition and what my aura does with that of Ygor. When Ygor is with me he immediately turns from a Reflector into a Manifesting Generator. It means, among other things, that he becomes conditioned into doing things in response. So reacting to something and waiting for a signal from outside to which he can respond. Looking at the connection you then see the following.

Ygor and I attract each other on Channel 5-15. He has Gate 15 and I have Gate 5. This means that in my presence Ygor may or may not be comfortable with the patterns I am conditioning in him. Ygor will adapt to my patterns. He knows that when I grab my walking shoes he will be let out, but then he doesn't sit in front of the door pushing, he waits beside me until I finish my coffee and go out the door with him. Looking at the other Gates that are conditioned in his BodyGraph it is about Gate 50 (the Gate of forming a pack, the pack instinct) and Gate 28, the Gate of fear, of attentive listening (the stalker). I recognize this in his behavior. He likes to lie close to me and cuddle, he likes to make contact and be petted and everywhere I am, he comes after me. These seem like obvious things 'that every dog does', but I really look at it differently now that I know this. 

I also condition him in Channel 20-57. This is a Channel from the Alpha group, so when I am with him I am conditioning in him on his hearing and his awareness and presence in the now. He will have sharper hearing in the moment when he is with me. Training him will work better when I use a clicker or with the sound of my voice than when I would do it with repeating all kinds of things, because I am conditioning him on Gate 57 and that is the Gate that learns more from the sounds and then starts doing it on its own. I notice that this is indeed the case, because the command SIT does not do much for him, but if I clack my tongue he will sit immediately. That is also how I get his attention when he is far away from me. 

Over all Ygor in my presence is mainly a dog that can be busy with anything and everything when I am busy. My emotional definition means that he will not always feel comfortable with me. He feels my lows and highs perfectly. But when I myself am in balance and do not look for a reason why things are not going well or condemn it, then he can give me a lot of peace by lying down with me and letting me stroke him. By respecting his design I also get that back and that makes it even nicer to have a dog in the house. The fact that Ygor doesn't like to be home alone also comes from the definition that arises on Channel 5-15. My daughters themselves have the Channel 5-15, Alwin has Gate 15 and I have Gate 5 so there is always someone in the house conditioning him on this. Then when there is no one in the house he actually misses us. And since he has no idea of time and how long we are gone, he can also get really distressed and he lets it be heard. He then howls and I now know that there is no point in training this in him by staying away a little longer each time. It means that we can never actually go out without him coming along. That's not always easy or practical, but if you have a pet and you respect each other then that's what it is. 



To make another comparison with the difference in conditioning between two different people in a family, I also looked up the connection between Alwin and Ygor. I won't analyze this one very extensively and will keep it a bit shorter, but it's nice to take a look at that as well. This is the connection chart between the two gentlemen of the house:

Here the difference immediately becomes clear. Ygor is conditioned by Alwin in the Alpha group through Channel 1-8. This means that Ygor will want to work because of Alwin. Alwin will be able to train Ygor much better than I can. And when Ygor is alone with Alwin in a room Ygor will feel much more the need to want to do something. He will be able to learn tricks faster under Alwin's guidance. In this, conditioned by Alwin, Ygor will do things that he would not naturally do. Where Ygor in my presence will react to external signals that are given to him (for example also something that passes by on a bicycle to which he reacts, or something that attracts his attention by its special sound), with Alwin he will do something on invitation. So in which he is seen. Alwin can really invite him to train with him after which he will do that with pleasure. Ygor is much less busy with Alwin than he is with me. And that makes sense given the difference in conditioning. Since Alwin is conditioning and thus dominating him on the canal, the chance that he will follow him is much higher than with me. With Ygor and me there is an electromagnetic connection on the 5 and the 15, in that we complement each other. With Alwin Ygor will adapt more quickly to the guidance Alwin gives him because this occurs in the mutative Channel 1-8 in which Alwin functions as the role model and example for Ygor. The example of the Alpha male in the house makes it energetically clear to him who is the boss in the house. And that is what makes this so incredibly interesting to analyze.


By respecting the design of your pet you can understand each other better and there will be less frustration with general images that exist about how a pet should or should not behave according to homogenized rules. I enjoy experimenting with this because it gives me insights that I can use in my own dealings with my dog. It also makes me softer and more understanding when it comes to, for example, leaving the dog alone at home where I no longer care so much about the judgment of others that 'the dog should be able to stay home alone'. It is a wonderful way of looking not only at how we as humans can be ourselves, but also how we as humans and animals can be ourselves together and in that with mutual respect can live well alongside and with each other on our beautiful planet.


~  Aren't we all mammals? ~


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