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Published on 6 August 2022 at 00:44

Do you have the energy for it? The distinction between energy Types and non-energy Types.

The Type within the Human Design System concerns the body, our genes and our aura. It has nothing to do with psychoLogical or personality typing. Each Type defines a particular mode of energetic functioning as a primary auric frequency as distinguishable as our blood type.

The four Types are classified according to their ability to consistently generate or initiate energy, or not. There are two "energy-Types" (Manifestors and Generators) and two "non-energy-Types" (the Projectors and the Reflectors). 


For the non-energy-Types, they do not have constant or consistent access to their own generating and manifesting capacity, and their energy and persistence for work is not reliably available to them. When non-energy-Types follow their Strategy they get the most out of the energy potential available to them. 

 Non-energy-Types can tap into the energy of the energy-Types when they are in their aura, but as soon as they move out of their aura the energy is no longer there and it can actually feel to the non-energy-Types as if their energy is suddenly draining away. Awareness of this can be enlightening because it often explains why non-energy Types can feel so unimaginably tired. The energy is not present in themselves but is being extracted from the other person. And that is exactly how it is meant to be. The non-energy-Types are not here to work extremely hard. They just literally don't have the energy for that. The Projectors and Reflectors use their experiential wisdom about energy to increase the understanding and productivity of the energy-Types.


Energy-Types have their Sacral Center defined (which is the characteristic of the Generator) and/or a motor Center connected to the Throat (characteristic for Manifestors and for Manifesting Generators when the Sacral Center is also defined) through which they can generate and/or manifest.

 So the distinction is purely about having consistent and reliable access to either generating energy (Generators) or generating and manifesting energy (Manifesting Generators) or manifesting energy (Manifestors). Or not (Projectors and Reflectors). 


In Definition in Energy, I describe how energy can flow within all Types. After all, non-energy does not mean that you have NO energy. Every human being has access and is receptive to all forms of energy. All 64 Gates of your Design are in your DNA. Otherwise you could not live, you need it all. But the definition of your Design reveals how you are different from others. And in doing so, it reflects your uniqueness as a human being. A gift given to us all. I can help you learn to see and discover this. If you want more information about this or you want to have an informal inspiration talk with me, please contact me or take a look at the services page to see what I have to offer.

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