The theater we call Life

Published on 5 August 2022 at 23:34

The Incarnation Cross is NOT something you should pursue or be entitled to.

Many people are searching for their life purpose. The reason for their existence. And the tendency is to then 'just look up' what your Incarnation Cross entails and then start living by it. But that is not how the Human Design System is intended. Because the only way you can live a correct life as yourself is simple. You follow your Strategy and your inner Authority and life as it is meant for you unfolds. That is not to say that it IS simple, but it is simple and practical to apply. Everyone has access to it and everyone can apply it. 


Our Incarnation Cross is not something that automatically emerges as we go through our deconditioning process. Nor does it provide instant gratification and satisfaction. It is much more than that. When we function in the world as our differentiated Self, our Incarnation Cross literally and naturally takes over our lives. Fulfilling our life purpose requires a lifelong commitment and a patient and disciplined alertness in making decisions that are correct for us, combined with a dedication in fine-tuning our consciousness. We do not awaken our Incarnation Cross; we awaken in our Incarnation Cross.


Our Incarnation Cross embodies the full expression of our consciousness potential and our process of an awake life. The theater we call life. And because everyone has their own theater, I'm not going to give a comprehensive explanation or an exhaustive list of all the Incarnation Crosses out there and how they are described. When you start working with me we can look at it and I can take you through your theater piece. My goal is to provide practical handholds in coaching and counseling, both in people's life questions (from 0 to 100) and in the questions people have in their work life or during their student life. 


My Incarnation Cross is the Left Angle Cross of Migration. This Incarnation Cross is located in the "Quarter of Initiation". My life purpose is fulfilled by the Mind. Through thinking, teaching, conceptualizing, explaining and sharing what it means to live in a Form. It sets in motion the fine-tuning of our Spirit (Mind) as we learn to surrender to the guidelines of our Form. Once our Mind is comfortable in our Form, we no longer desire to live life as someone other than ourselves. 


When you do a trajectory with me we are also going to talk about your Incarnation Cross. If this appeals to you, I invite you to contact me for an informal and personal conversation. I am looking forward to meeting you in my theater of life. 

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